The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

Gamespot goes hands-on with The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Gamespot’s posted play impressions of The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, the upcoming Battlefield-esque fantasy action game from Pandemic. Snip: We had a chance to see two of the game’s four character classes in action, the mage and the scout. The robed mage attacks his enemies by hurling magic spells, such as devastating lightning bolts, […]

The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest headlines

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    EA has just announced a giant line-up for Holiday 2008, and it’s hard to be unimpressed. There is, quite fairly, something for everyone. Big boss John agrees. “EA’s 2008 lineup is our best ever,” said EA head John Riccitiello. “This is the year that our core franchises leap forward with stunning innovation and we introduce […]