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First L.A. Noire review pops up online earlier than expected

With the worldwide release of L.A. Noire less than a week away, gamers are waiting with bated breath to see if Rockstar Games’ new crime thriller can live up to the hype. Wait no longer, a UK paper has gone ahead and published its review of the game a little ahead of schedule.

10 years ago

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  • Guardian gives "mundane" No More Heroes 2 2/5, Edge gives 7/10

    The Guardian’s flown in the face of public opinion on No More Heroes 2 today, giving the Grasshopper slasher – which is currently enjoying an MC rating of 86 percent – an eyebrow-knotting 2/5.

    11 years ago
  • Half-Life 2 is Guardian's game of the decade

    The Guardian’s named Half-Life 2 as the best game of the decade. It’s a user vote thingum.Apparently, “Half-Life 2 is the game of the decade, not just because it’s good, but because it encapsulates so much of what mainstream gaming has been trying to do for the last ten years; the aspiration to create believable, […]

    12 years ago
  • Moore was not "pushed hard" on 360 failure issues, says Antonucci: full interview transcript

    Mike Antonucci, the San Jose Mercury News journalist named by Peter Moore in his recent Guardian interview as “really pushing hard” on the issue of Xbox 360 failure rates, has contacted VG247 to set the record straight on the subject.Antonucci, who’s now moved on from the paper, conducted the interview in which Moore famously said […]

    13 years ago
  • Games hit UK frontpages as evidence mounts over impending political "clampdown"

    Following this week’s news that wary glances are being cast behind the scenes of Tanja Byron’s upcoming report, British national daily The Guardian is this morning carrying, “Ministers plan clampdown on ‘unsuitable’ video games” as its main headline.The story mirrors earlier reports this week in that it claims the Byron Report is to recommend a […]

    13 years ago