The Gorn

Star Trek: The Video Game video delves into the mythos and mystery of the Gorn

Star Trek: The Video Game has a new trailer focusing on the Gorn, which delves into the mythos and “the mystery” of this lizard man. In the game, he is much different that the Gorn James Tiberius Kirk faced off with in the “Arena” episode of the original Star Trek series. Plus, the creature is […]

7 years ago

The Gorn headlines

  • The Gorn to terrorize Kirk and Spock in Star Trek the game, says Namco

    Paramount and Namco have revealed the key villain in the Star Trek video game inspired by J.J. Abrams Star Trek film reboot and it’s The Gorn. The co-op game is based on a standalone storyline that continues the adventure of Kirk and Spock. It was also announced Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto who play the […]

    8 years ago