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Top Cow hopes 2K want to produce more Darkness games

Marc Silvestri, co-creator of the Darkness franchise, has told IGN Top Cow is “hoping to continue the video game adventures of Jackie Estacado.”

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  • Shadow warrior: playing with light in The Darkness II

    We discuss how pigs were harmed in the making of the game, the difficulties of light-based game mechanics, and how relationships matter in the finalé of our chat with Seth Olshfski, producer on The Darkness II.

  • Worshipping The Darkness II: "Let's not fuck it up"

    The buzz around The Darkness II has grown to a roar. We braved the noise to ask producer Seth Olshfski about story-driven gaming, immersion and ‘not fucking it up’.

  • Twice as slice: The Darkness II gives 2012 a bloody start

    2K has braved a release for a sequel to one of the most underrated gems of this generation. As Johnny Cullen discovered, The Darkness II is more than worthy of the risk.

  • 2K "looking into" FOV controls patch for Darkness II PC

    2K Games has said it plans to issue a patch for The Darkness II which will include controls for PC users to change the game’s field of view. This is according to a conversation TotalBiscuit had with 2K, where it was discussed that not allowing PC gamers and option to switch from a narrow, 60 […]

  • New Gaikai demos - The Darkness II, Anno 2070, more

    Gaikai has added a pile of new demos to its test page, including The Darkness II, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Anno 2070, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and more. The streaming games advertising platform is expected on Facebook shortly, and is preparing to launch full length games, but for now, head on over to to […]

  • First Darkness II scores looking good as reviews hit

    2K’s lifted the reviews embargo for The Darkness II, with first scores looking great for the Digital Extremes shooter sequel. What’s the overall consensus? Get rounded up below the break. If you have any scores to add, do so below the break. The Darkness II launches today in the US and on Friday for PS3, […]

  • The Darkness II executions trailer plays organ bingo

    Even after three trailers, Digital Extremes still has more executions from The Darkness II to share. This set is called Inside Out; try to guess why.

  • The Darkness II trailer checks out brutal executions

    There are only so many words you can use to describe death by tentacle demon entities, so this trailer for The Darkness II plumps for “brutalised”.

  • Darkness II devs discuss how Vendettas co-op intertwines with the single-player campaign

    A developer video for The Darkness II has been released by 2K, and in it, Sheldon Carter, Seth Olshfski and Mathieu Bérubé discuss how the Vendettas narrative co-op experience intertwines with the single-player campaign in the game.

  • The Darkness II trailer plays slice and dice

    Enjoy 30 seconds of Jackie Estacado executing his foes in glorious gore, this time focusing on slice attacks.

  • Brief Darkness II video goes goretastic

    CVG‘s gone live with a brief 30-second clip of The Darkness II, showing off a few of the goretastic – and they are actually properly gory – executions in the shooter. Get it below. It’s out on February 7 for PS3, 360 and PC.

  • Darkness II launch trailer is big on atmosphere

    2K has sent over a cracking cinematic trailer for The Darkness II, giving the uninitiated some insight into what it’s like to have a symbiotic relationship with an ancient entity of pure shadow. Spoiler: it’s awesome.

  • Demonstrably Good: The Darkness II's killer demo

    Last night, a significant slice of Sydney’s gaming public turned up to play The Darkness II – not the game, but the demo – because it’s that good. Brenna Hillier chats with the sequel’s producer.

  • The Darkness II demo goes live on Xbox Live Marketplace

    2K’s launched the demo for The Darkness II for Gold members only. The taster comes in at 1.40Gb and can be queued up here. No details on what part from the game it comes from though. The Digital Extreme shooter comes out on February 7 in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC.

  • The Darkness II demo descends next week

    A demo for The Darkness II will see staggered release between January 17 and January 24 inclusive. Hit the break to see when your platform or territory wins the jackpot.

  • New sex scene responsible for The Darkness II classification surprise

    In July, the Australian Classificaiton Board awarded Digital Extremes’ The Darkness II an MA15+ rating – and then did it again in December. A 2K spokesperson told MCV Pacific the game had to be re-classified after the addition of a sex scene. No content has been cut or edited beyond the new addition, but the […]

  • The Darkness II now available for pre-purchase on Steam

    The Darkness II is now available for pre-purchase on Steam. While it has been listed for quite some time, today is the day you can throw down some cash for Jackie Estacado’s latest outing.

  • The Darkness II clips show off Vendettas characters

    2K’s released small teasers of three characters that will form part of The Darkness II’s Vendettas mode. The videos (via Evil Avatar), which feature Jimmy, Shoshanna and Inugami, give a brief look at the game’s recently-announced co-op mode. I got to try the Digital Extremes’ shooter a while back in London, and it’s looking pretty […]

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