The Cranberries

Next Week on Rock Band: Cranberries, Ministry, Zombies

Harmonix and MTV announced today that three tracks from the metal band Ministry will be added to Rock Band next week along with The Cranberries and The Zombies. The three-pack from Ministry includes “Cuz U R Next”, “LiesLiesLies”, “The Great Satan” and it will run you 440 MS Points ($5.49) or each one individually for […]

The Cranberries headlines

  • Lips updates to include Cranberries, Coldplay and CCR

    Following an earlier announcement that the Lips microphone is to support Guitar Hero: Metalica and Rock Band 2 via a title update, Microsoft’s confirmed that loads of new stuff is heading to the title’s in-game store this month. Especially music from bands that begin with the letter “C”. Here’s the breakdown for you: Today Creedence […]