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  • Sierra Spring Break 08: Bourne 360 demo on May 22

    Lead designer on The Bourne Conspiracy, Matt Tieger has confirmed to videogaming247 that a Bourne Conspiracy demo will be available to download from XBLM on May 22, and not early May as first thought. Tieger was speaking at Sierra Spring Break 08 in Mallorca last week. No mention was made of a PS3 demo. The […]

  • Sierra Spring Break 08: Long lasting injuries to Bourne removed from game due to "design decision"

    Speaking to videogaming247 at the Sierra Spring Break 08 in Mallorca last week, Bourne Conspiracy developer Emmanuel Valdez revealed that the team had considered letting Bourne limp around in the game as he does in the movies, but that the idea was canned. “We had actually had [injuries] at one point,” he said. “It was […]

  • Sierra Spring Break 08: Moby track replaced in Bourne due to Universal ties

    Speaking to videogaming247 at the Sierra Spring Break 08 in Mallorca last week, Bourne Conspiracy developer Emmanuel Valdez said that the series’ “signature” Moby track “Extreme Ways” will not be featured in the game due to contractual reasons. However he did say that DJ Paul Oakenfold has written an original track called “Falling” for the […]

  • New Bourne trailer released

    It’s media Friday, from the look of it. First up’s a new trailer of The Bourne Conspiracy, and it’s all in-game. Looks very violent and great. Shooting, crunchy fighting, jumping through windows on trains. Just like what Bourne does, isn’t it. After the link. It’s out for PS3 and 360 at the end of this […]

  • Bourne demo in "early May"

    DarkZero’s reporting that The Bourne Conspiracy will see a demo in early May. The news is taken from Gamespot’s On the Spot show, apparently. Sierra’s game is based on the property as opposed to the movies, but looks pretty spiffing all the same. Expect to see plenty more on it very soon.

  • New Bourne trailer from Sierra

    Sierra has released a new trailer for third-person action title The Bourne Conspiracy. We have high hopes for this, as the developer seems to have captured the films’ fast-paced combat. Sierra confirmed a June 27 release date for Bourne this week. Watch the trailer after the link. By Mike Bowden

  • Bourne for June 27, says Sierra

    Sierra’s just confirmed that The Bourne Conspiracy will launch in Europe on June 27 for 360 and PS3. “Wrought with action, combat, elaborate escape scenes and untold story, the Bourne series is making a natural progression into the interactive medium,” said Sierra marketing boss Al Simone. “We’re pleased to announce that this June gamers will […]

  • Paul Oakenfold to soundtrack The Bourne Conspiracy

    According to this, British dance producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold will provide an original soundtrack to Sierra’s The Bourne Conspiracy. Sierra and Yahoo! are going to broadcast The Bourne Sessions, a live concert featuring music for the game, tomorrow. Hit the link for more details.

  • Watch Australian games journalists fighting

    Absolute genius. Apparently this happened at an Australian press event for Sierra’s The Bourne Conspiracy. Watch and laugh as one journalist gets “aggro” on another in front of a man with a microphone. Then be amazed as one guy fights like a ninja with a security guard. Sweet internet. Such a kind mistress. Note to […]

  • New Bourne trailer: it's good

    We love Bourne, us, so we’re actually excited that Sierra’s The Bourne Conspiracy doesn’t look shit. It really doesn’t. See below. We so want to be the perfect weapon. Game’s out this year.

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