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  • All You Need Is Love hits Live for Beatles: Rock Band

    The Major’s confirmed that All You Need Is Love is now available on Live for The Beatles: Rock Band, which launched today. The song’s a 360 exclusive, as announced at E3. Go plastic guitar crazy. Hit the link.

  • The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle unboxed

    Some pics over at D’toid show-off the The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Bundle which retails for $249.99. It’s all there. The wireless Ludwig-branded drum kit with a “black oyster pearl finish”, mic-stand, USB microphone, wireless Höfner violin bass with effects switch, eight postcards and advertisement inserts for the upcoming downloadable content. Loads of pictures […]

  • Limited Edition Beatles: Rock Band 360 up on eBay for charity

    A special edition Xbox 360 customized to honor the Fab Four is being auctioned for charity with proceeds benefiting Doctors Without Borders. It’s numbered and hand-painted with The Beatles: Rock Band all over it. Also, starting tomorrow when the game is released, all proceeds for the All You Need Is Love DLC will also go […]

  • The Beatles: Rock Band releases tomorrow - everything you need to know

    EA’s released a handy press release detailing tracks, pricing, future DLC dates and everything else you could possibly want to know about The Beatles: Rock Band. Get it after the break. The game releases tomorrow. Have £180 to spare? Now you know what to do with it. Take a look.

  • McCartney initially thought Harmonix demo looked like a "really bad band"

    The Beatles: Rock Band may now be a top review-grabbing, sure-to-be-successful super-game, but Paul McCartney’s initial thoughts on Harmonix’s pitch weren’t exactly complimentary. From this Guardian piece: There were “a couple of grown-ups standing looking very foolish with these little plastic guitars playing to a screen”, he says. “And we’re going, ‘Yeah, all right… It […]

  • Paul McCartney: George and John would have been "amused" of Beatles: Rock Band

    Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that if they were still alive today, his Beatles bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison would have approved of The Beatles: Rock Band concept, also stating they would have been “amused” about it. “I think they would have been amused. I think they would have seen the point of it,” said McCartney, […]

  • Here come the reviews for Beatles: Rock Band, EG goes with a 9

    Do do do doooo… The embargo for reviews for The Beatles: Rock Band went in the early hours of Sunday morning, and first reactions seem to be very good. Eurogamer went for a 9. Everyone else? Below are some of the other picks: IGN – 9.0 (UK and US) GameTrailers – 8.7 Kotaku – N/A […]

  • Beatles: Rock Band 45th song to remain a mystery until release [Update 2]

    Update 2: Harmonix CEO, Alex Rigopulos, has confirmed “The End” as the 45th song on the The Beatles: Rock Band during the GameStop managers convention in Las Vegas. Good to know. Update: Apparently the “mystery” song is “The End”. Thanks for spoiling it for us internet, and thanks for the lack of creativity Harmonix – […]

  • Harmonix was "terrified" while making The Beatles: Rock Band

    Development on The Beatles: Rock Band had members of the Harmonix “terrified” according to John Drakes. These feelings of trepidation were present throughout development despite the firm being chosen by Apple Corps to do the game, thanks to the firm’s reverence for the subject matter. “I don’t know what Apple was considering before they started […]

  • Major Nelson podcast has Felicia Day, Beatles Rock Band, Stephen Toulouse

    Major Nelson’s podcast number 330 is loaded to the gill with stuff. Want proof? It’s 321 minutes long and contains chats with Xbox Live boss Stephen Toulouse, The Guild’s Felicia Day, development manager at Tiburon, Ryan Ferwerda chatting about Madden NFL 10, Josh Randall, the creative director behind Beatles Rock Band and Dan Maher, Xbox […]

  • The Beatles: Rock Band commercial is a bit strange

    A commercial advertising The Beatles: Rock Band has been released, and it is a bit strange. Especially George and John. Come on. Seriously. Anyway, it’s posted after the break. Game’s out September 9.

  • Watch Alex Rigopulos play Beatles: Rock Band at a GamesCom MS party

    Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos played The Beatles: Rock Band to a party crowd on top of Microsoft’s Cologne offices the other night. We filmed it. For a laugh. Live the rooftop Beatles German plastic instrument dream right along with us by hitting the link.

  • Beatles: Rock band getting three more albums in 2009, Rock Band adding Queen, Nirvana, every song ever

    Harmonix gave the business to GamesCom this year in the form of a colossal cacophony of Rock Band news. First up, the world’s rockin’-est game developer announced that The Beatles: Rock Band has three DLC albums lined up for the rest of 2009, with Abbey Road coming in October, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band […]

  • New Beatles: Rock Band trailer is awesome on a stick

    EA’s released the GamesCom trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band and, holy shit, it’s three kinds of fucking awesome. It has “A Hard Days Night”, “Drive My Car”, “Dear Prudence” and more. It’s after the jump. It’s out 9/9/09 for PS3, 360, Wii and PS2. From IGN.

  • Beatles side projects will not be included with Rock Band game

    Harmonix’s John Drake has told Joystiq that side projects done by members of The Beatles will not be included in the Rock Band game for the band. However, that doesn’t mean songs created during the solo careers won’t be featured as DLC for the original game. “The design team really focused on The Beatles: Rock […]

  • Beatles: Rock Band set list revealed in latest GI

    The latest issue of Game Informer‘s dropped what appears to be a near-complete set-list for The Beatles: Rock Band. Back In the USSR and Taxman are both on it. This may mean we’ll have to buy it. Get the lot from Joystiq. The game’s out on September 9.

  • New video from The Beatles: Rock Band shows animation sans notes

    After the break, we’ve posted a new video from The Beatles: Rock Band courtesy of Joystiq. Ticket to Ride is the track, and the site was nice enough to remove the scrawling notes so you could get the full animated effect of the Fab Four. Awesome. Come on September.

  • EA shows Eurogamer Expo line-up

    EA’s confirmed its Eurogamer Expo line-up. And here it is: Need for Speed: Shift Need for Speeed: Nitro The Saboteur FIFA 10 Dragon Age: Origins Dante’s Inferno Brutal Legend The Beatles: Rock Band Left 4 Dead 2 The event takes place on October 27-28 in Leeds, then on October 30-31 in London. Buy a ticket […]

  • The Beatles: Rock Band - four full-track videos

    EA’s put out video of four full tracks from The Beatles: Rock Band, as seen after the break. Well, either they’re official or they’re not. Make up your own mind. The game’s out in September. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Viacom revenues down due to decline in Rock Band sales

    MTV and Harmonix’s parent company, Viacom, has reported that sales of the Rock Band franchise are down this quarter “due to the soft retail environment”, which has directly impacted revenues for the company. Q2 revenue dropped 8 percent to $1.97 billion with a 41 percent decline in revenue blamed on poor sales of Rock Band […]

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