The Banner Saga: Factions

The Banner Saga: Factions earning “a lunch every other week”

Early Kickstarter success The Banner Saga isn’t making much moolah for developer Stoic Games – yet.

7 years ago

The Banner Saga: Factions headlines

  • The Banner Saga: Factions out now

    The Banner Saga: Factions is out now on Steam. It’s a free-to-play, multiplayer spin-off to story-driven single-player RPG The Banner Saga, the product of a couple of former BioWare staffers at Stoic Games expected later this year. The turn-based strategy affair is getting hammered by launch interest, so be patient while you wait your turn.

    8 years ago
  • The Banner Saga panel video discusses beta, Factions, development process

    The Banner Saga has a new panel video available which discusses the upcoming beta, the motion capture process with some of the Kickstarter backers, a work-in-progress score by Austin Wintory, and the combat system.

    8 years ago