Tesla revealed for The Order: 1886 which is out in February

Poor Nikola Tesla the mad genius just can’t rest in peace can he? He’s in The Order: 1886. See for yourself in the video below.

Tesla headlines

  • Tesla guitarist outs Guitar Hero 6 - no one is surprised

    The guitarist for Tesla, the mid-’80s early ’90s rock band, has outted Guitar Hero 6, although the fact that’s coming should not be a shocker. During an interview with Brave Words, Dave Rude revealed that the band’s big hit Modern Day Cowboy will be included on the disc, and revealed that he thinks music games […]

  • Capcom gives away Tesla as Dark Void prize

    Um. Wow. Capcom’s giving away an actual Tesla as a Dark Void prize. See here. And actual one; not a fake one. All you have to do is fill in your details and press submit, from the look of it. And be American, unfortunately. The incredibly vague tie between the car and the game is […]