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  • FIFA 10 is out today - get it for £25 in UK supermarkets

    FIFA 10 is out today in case you haven’t noticed. If you haven’t bought it yet, chances are you need to check your local Tesco. According to MCV, the UK supermarkets are dropping the game down to either just below or over £25. Tesco is doing it for £24.97, Morrisons are selling it for £24.99, […]

  • PSPgo to retail for £199 at Tesco, not £225

    Let the price wars begin. Tesco are listing the PSPgo for £199.97, £25 short of the RRP. Earlier this week at GamesCom, SCEE told VG247 that the console would retail for £224.99 when it would launch on October 1 in the UK. The supermarket is the first to dramatically cut the price of the console before […]

  • LittleBigPlanet drops to below £18 at Play and Tesco [Update]

    [Update – It’s £13 on Amazon. That’s a bit stupid. Thanks, tenthousandgothsonacid.] Play.com is offering LittleBigPlanet for £17.99, which, in the parlance of the gutter, is fucking cheap. Tesco, not be outdone, has gone even cheaper: how does £17.96 sound? The Media Molecule award-winner currently costs £40 from both Game and Gamestation. So you probably […]

  • Woolworths' ex-game boss John Stanhope signs on with Tesco

    EUK’s former games bossman John Stanhope has a new job with Tesco as its senior buying manager, says MCV. Stanhope was previously Woolworths’ head of the commercial division before the chain went under in November 2008. Entertianment director for Tesco, Rob Salter, said that “John has the respect and trust of the industry and the […]

  • Tesco sends second customer email about Saints Row price balls-up

    Come on, Tesco. You can do better than this. The retailer has sent out another email to customers who bought a copy of Saints Row 2 for £16 from its website yesterday, only to be later told the firm had “not been able to obtain an item in your order”. This was shortly after the […]

  • Tesco sending out Saints Row 2 order cancellation emails

    Tesco is now informing all those who took advantage of the seemingly fantastic deal of Saints Row 2 PS3 for £15.97 that the order is cancelled. The mail reads: Dear Mr ——-, We are sorry to inform you that we have not been able to obtain an item in your order. Don’t worry, we won’t […]

  • Tesco now selling PS3 Saints Row 2 for £39.97

    Looks as though Tesco isn’t as stupid as it’s cabbage-looking. The retailer was listing the PS3 version of Saints Row 2 for £15.97 this morning, but has now put the price up to £39.97. Should have been faster. If you did buy one and you get an email from Tesco saying it was an error, […]

  • Tesco selling PS3 Saints Row 2 for £15.97

    Tesco appears to be selling the PS3 version of Saints Row 2 for £15.97. See for yourself. Buy one, quick.

  • Retailers who stick with PS2 for Christmas will reap the benefits, says Tesco

    Speaking with MCV, Tesco’s Matthew Cushway – a member of the MCV Retail Advisory Board – has said that retailers who “stick with PS2 this Christmas will reap the benefits.” “PlayStation 2 still has a key part to play in the gaming market this year,” he said. “It seems some people forget that for a […]

  • Future to launch Tesco magazine in the UK

    Future and Tesco have announced plans to release a free games magazine in Tesco’s 425 UK branches. The first mag to come out of the deal will be called Hot Summer Games, and will have a print run of 1 million copies. The Gamesradar team’s writing the copy. “We are delighted to be working in […]

  • Poland and Tesco get April 25 launch for GTA IV?

    There was a story knocking around yesterday saying UK retailer Tesco was going to start selling GTA IV on April 25 – see it on PlayStation Beyond – and the theme seems to be catching: this piece on Grrr.pl reckons the game’s going to launch in Poland on the same date. You lucky Poles. If […]

  • Tesco to offer game downloads

    Says so here. Tesco already offers music for download, but is now to add video and games to its service. “The new Tesco Digital site is more than a music download portal – we wanted to create an exciting and easy-to-use entertainment shop that Tesco customers of all ages and technical ability can use and […]

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