Idea for Hearthfire stemmed from Skyrim’s crafting system, Minecraft fandom

The idea for Hearthfire, Skyrim’s upcoming DLC which lets you build your own house, came from the first “Game Jam” session Bethesda developers held at the studio.

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  • Conan O'Brien is totally clueless when it comes to Skyrim

    Last night on Conan, our intrepid host Conan O’Brien showed another one of his Clueless Gamer segments, and this time he tried his best, or rather, did something in Skyrim. While it wasn’t one of his best segments, it’s posted below. I thought the slow-mo bit was better, actually, I laughed my ass off , […]

  • Dawnguard is now available for download on Steam

    Bethesda has announced at QuakeCon 2012, Dawnguard is now available for download on Steam for $19.99. The DLC isn’t out on PS3 yet as the firm isn’t “satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3.”

  • Dude plays Skyrim on Vita RemotePlay, Internet asks why isn't this a thing yet?

    Reader rrw sent in this video of someone playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a Vita. This is not a thing you can do unless you’re good with technical tomfoolery, and in fact doesn’t actually work that well – but holy bananas I could get behind a proper port of the Life Eater, couldn’t […]

  • Bethesda hasn't started work, decided on next Skyrim DLC

    Bethesda has said it hasn’t started on the next round of content for Skyrim yet, because it hasn’t decided what it will include just yet.

  • Watch the first 10 minutes of Dawnguard

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim has dropped on XBL. Below the break you will find a video for the first 10 minutes courtesy of CVG. Go nuts. The DLC will launch on Steam and PS3 once the exclusivity period on Xbox 360 ends.

  • Bethesda accepting applicants for Dawnguard Xbox 360 beta

    Bethesda’s announced that those who wish to participate in the Xbox 360 beta for Dawnguard should sign up here. Applicants need a registered account on the official forums, so make sure your forum email address is up-to-date. Bethesda will be selecting applicants in about a week. Players accepted into the beta will receive an Xbox […]

  • Hearth Fire trademark filed by ZeniMax

    ZeniMax has filed another Skyrim-related trademark covering computer game software with the USPTO. The filing is for Hearth Fire, which in the game is a skill book titled “2920, vol 09 – Hearth Fire”. The book is part of 12 volume series and beefs up your conjuration skills. The application was filed on May 24 […]

  • Skyrim Update 1.3 now available on Steam

    Bethesda has announced that Update 1.3 for Skyrim is now available on Steam, and is currently being submitted to Sony and Microsoft. Below the break are the release notes for the update.

  • Video shows Skyrim being played with Kinect on PC

    An industrious Skyrim modder has posted a video showing how the PC version of the game works with Kinect. As shown in the video below, using a Blootuth headset the voice control component of Kinect is used for shouts and menu navigation, and of course, the techs prerequisite arm-swinging will implement weapon and magic attacks. […]

  • Skyrim patch: Resistance breaking bug found, some PS3 users still have lag

    It looks as though some players are still experiencing some lag issues in Skyrim on PS3, even after applying the patch released on Monday. Furthermore, both PS3 and Xbox 360 users are reporting the patch came with a new bug, which causes players to take full damage from hits despite any applied resistances.

  • Skyrim PS3 users experiencing lag, workaround suggested until patch is released

    Skyrim players have reported issues with the PS3 version once 5-6MB of stored save data is surpassed, which is apparently causing lag and the inability to interact with NPCs.

  • Minecraft, Python, Star Trek and other Easter Eggs pop up in Skryim

    Easter Eggs in games are always fun, especially when they are subtle enough to make you think a bit. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is no exception, and many references to pop-culture, history, and other games are tosses in here and there throughout the land of Skyrim. There’s even nod, a wink, and a nudge […]

  • Skyrim: No dragons till you're ready for them

    Skyrim’s dragon attacks, like Oblivion’s gates, won’t start grinding you into fishpaste until you’re nominally ready for it.

  • Flying high: Skyrim aims to redefine the open-world RPG

    The next Elder Scrolls game is everything we’d hoped for – based on the evidence of the E3 demo, anyway. Click to find out why it was one of our games of the show.

  • Console version of Skyrim Bethesda's "lead SKU"

    Bethesda’s Craig Lafferty has laid out some flamebait by suggesting that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been developed primarily for consoles.

  • Quick Shots - Skyrim screens get epic

    There’s some amazing sights in these E3 2011 Skyrim screenshots – mammoths, a giant, a dragon, Whiterun… Look, you’d better see for yourself.

  • Howard: Unlimited number of dragons to feature in Skyrim

    Want to buy Skyrim just to purely slay dragons? It’s your lucky day, slick.

  • Howard: No avenue for Skyrim mod tools on consoles - yet

    Bethesda’s Todd Howard has said the developer has the latest Elder Scrolls mod tools up and running on both major consoles, but has no channel through which to release them.

  • Quad Damage: Skyrim leads four in Bethesda's FY2012

    Bethesda will unleash a line-up of just four games in the next 12 months, the result of a long play on slow burn, high budget, high quality development. This year, we all win the jackpot.

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