Tero Virtala

Success of Trials Evolution due to player competitiveness, track ranking bug fixed

RedLynx managing director Tero Virtala feels Trials Evolution sold over 100,000 copies on Xbox Live Arcade day-one was due to the game’s competitiveness instead of the “masochism” of trial-and-error gameplay.

8 years ago

Tero Virtala headlines

  • RedLynx denies leaking Trials Evolution

    Finnish developer RedLynx has denied it leaked an unfinished version of Trials Evolution following it appearing on The Pirate Bay over the weekend.

    9 years ago
  • RedLynx CEO says Natal could "be a leap to the next dimension"

    Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx, sat down with GOONLINE and had a chat about all things Trials HD, and through the course of the conversation, Virtala happened to provide his thoughts on Natal and the montion controller from Sony.“The motion controls definitely expand the possibilities for whole new game experiences. New type of games, interactive […]

    11 years ago