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  • Tera publisher explains European censorship, gore slider reinstated

    In response to a wave of fan criticism, Tera’s publisher Frogster Interactive has posted a response clarifying the changes that have been made for the games European release.

  • TERA open beta starts this weekend

    TERA goes into open beta this weekend, and it will run from Friday, April 20 through Monday, April 23. If you haven’t signed up for it, you can do so through here, after which you will be provided with further instructions on how to participate. TERA goes live on May 1 and head start information […]

  • TERA race video series shines spotlight on the High Elves

    En Masse and Blue Hole Studios has released the fourth installment in its TERA’s race video series, and this time the focus is on the High Elves. Apparently, the race has a motto: “We believe. We remember.” Sounds slightly sinister, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just us. The video shows a bevy of in-game footage, along […]

  • TERA dungeon finder, beta, and head start information updated

    En Masse and Blue Hole have announced TERA will launch with a new dungeon finder at launch, which helps players find groups faster as well as the classes needed to round out the instance.

  • Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan, Claudia Black to voice TERA

    Trion’s announced that Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica fame and Claudia Black will be part of the voice cast in MMO TERA. There’s a video of Hogan in the booth below.

  • New TERA trailer shows off end game content

    TERA claims to be the “true action mmo”, so it’s about time they started showing off some true action end game content.

  • TERA's level cap increased to 60, dungeons being re-worked

    When TERA launches in the west on May 1 players will be able reach level 60, according to a forum post by the game’s producer Brian Knox. because of the team’s decision to increase the level cap the dungeons will have to be reworked. “We have shuffled them around — some up and some down,” […]

  • TERA video introduces you to the Elin race

    Blue Hole and En Masse have released a new video for TERA showing of the MMO’s Elin race.

  • En Masse to hand out TERA beta keys to those encountering pre-order snafu

    En Masse has said the online store provider suffered a systems failure yesterday and due to the issue, those who pre-ordered TERA have yet to receive a beta key for the second round of testing.

  • TERA’s first closed beta phase begins this weekend

    The first closed beta phase of TERA starts this weekend. Starting tomorrow, and running until February 19, servers will be online from 3.00pm CEST until midnight each day. It will be the first of five beta tests for all pre-order customers, last year’s beta participants, and the 1,000 selected winners of the early beta registration. […]

  • Sneak peek beta videos show TERA's Lancer and Sorcerer in action

    Videos from the sneak peek beta of TERA have started surfacing on the net thanks to those who are participating in the tester. Below the break, you will find in-game videos of the melee-focused Lancer and the range-focused Sorcerer classes, courtesy of UniLost.com. A sneak peek beta is currently going on now, and the first […]

  • En Masse working on distributing TERA beta codes after retail issues with Collector's Edition

    Those who have tried to pre-order the Collectors Edition of TERA have found that the game is not available for pre-order, thus putting a damper on hopes of guaranteed access to the game’s closed beta. En Masse has said the codes were “only recently conveyed to retailers,” is sorry about the issue, and is looking […]

  • Closed beta testing starts this weekend for TERA and runs through April 15

    Beta dates have been announced for TERA and those with a special access key distributed by various media outlets in Europe, and through the official TERA community website, will be given the first sneak peek at the game on February 4-5 from 3:00pm CET to midnight on both days.

  • En Messe: TERA to block IPs by region due to "hacking behaviour"

    En Messe has said it will block IPs by region for the release of TERA, promising a crackdown on gold theft and account hacking.

  • Quick Quotes: NCsoft lawsuit will not affect TERA's release, says En Masse

    “We are disappointed that NCsoft is attempting to mar the launch of TERA. Unfortunately we can’t discuss much publicly due to the sensitivity of legal actions, but we do outright reject the NCsoft claims, and we are going to do everything in our power to defend and protect ourselves. To all our supporters who have […]

  • NCsoft files lawsuit to block the release of TERA in the US

    NCsoft has filed a lawsuit against Bluehole Studio and En Masse Entertainment in the US Court District of New York in an attempt to block the sale of TERA in the US.

  • TERA confirmed for May European launch

    Frogster’s announced it’s to release Bluehole-made MMO TERA on May 1 in the US via En Masse and May 3 in Europe in both digital and retail flavours. The game was previously just scheduled for a spring release. Frogster COO Seth Iorio said the additional amount of time spent “to tweak the game for the […]

  • Closed beta sign-ups for TERA are live

    En Masse has announced folks can start signing up for the closed beta of TERA. Dubbed as “preview events”, each phase requires an invitation with the end event switching over to open beta testing for all applicants. Each invitation to an “event” will inform the applicant which test it is valid for, with each invite […]

  • Tera "The Journey" Cinematic CG trailer

    TERA racked up a bunch of “Best of E3” nominations earlier in the year for its combat system, and now they’re showing off their CG chops.

  • En Masse moves TERA launch into spring 2012

    En Masse Entertainment has announced its oft-delayed TERA will be released during spring 2012.

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