Tera Patrick

New Saints Row screens show gangs

IGN has them. No Tera Patrick unfortunately but newsworthy nonetheless. This batch of screenshots shows some of the gangs you’ll be up against in THQ’s Saints Row 2.Have a look.By Mike Bowden

13 years ago

Tera Patrick headlines

  • Saints Row 2 Tera Patrick promo is hilariously shameless

    THQ has excelled itself with its decision to hire porn star Tera Patrick to promote Saints Row 2, as you can see after the break. There’s a movie there consisting of the “actress” removing her blouse while talking about “extensive customisation options.” Seriously. Lots more of this to come, apparently.

    13 years ago
  • Porn star Tera Patrick joins Saints Row 2 team

    We’re not making it up. THQ just sent word that “adult actress” Tera Patrick will be joining the Saints Row dev team at Volition as a “special producer.”Patrick’s going to be appearing for the game at Comic Con this weekend, so if you’re in the area go and get her to sign something.

    13 years ago