Tekken 6 Ps3 Bundle

Tekken 6 250Gb PS3 Slim bundle not heading to the UK

Earlier today, Dutch gaming site NextGamer was reporting that a Tekken 6 250Gb PS3 Slim bundle was set for a December release in Europe.According to the site, the image of the bundle could be found on the Sony website, and since we were unable to find this ourselves, VG247 contacted Sony UK for confirmation.Well folks, […]

12 years ago

Tekken 6 Ps3 Bundle headlines

  • Tekken 6 PS3 Slim bundle spotted, it's a 250Gb as well

    Next Gamer is reporting that another Slim bundle is set to be released.Posted on the sight, for your viewing pleasure, you will find Tekken 6 bundled with the 250Gb PS3 Slim. The site says it got the picture from the official Sony site, and are estimating that it will run you around €349. We’ll contact […]

    12 years ago