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E3 rumour extravaganza – Trico, Blizzard-Microsoft megaton and more dissected using Top Gun quotes

GDC’s next week. It’s nice and all, and there’s heavyweight talent in the house, but are you going to see the big game guns? Will you see the megaton flash? Will the internet crack in fear? You may not, and it probably won’t. E3 in June will be a different matter, however.We’re already hearing a […]

12 years ago

Teh Megaton headlines

  • Insiders "sure" Diablo III will be announced on Saturday

    Speaking under conditions of anonymity, a senior UK development source has claimed today that the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational game announcement Rob Pardo alluded to in Paris this morning is definitely Diablo III.A second, highly-placed European source has also just told us that they are “sure” that Diablo III will be revealed on Saturday afternoon at […]

    13 years ago