Ted Regulski

SCEA boss calls Pub Fund the “only” major console self-publishing option

Sony believes its indie support is the best in the business.

8 years ago

Ted Regulski headlines

  • PSN has 90 million registered accounts across all regions

    Sony said today during GDC that PlayStation Network contains 90 million registered accounts across all regions. The figure was provided by Ted Regulski, manager of SCEA developer relations, who also said the numbers were pulled from PS3, PSP and PS Vita customers. He said Sony was “the only major console publisher to allow self-publishing” and […]

    8 years ago
  • High-risk, high-reward: Sony's play for the indie win

    While other console-makers treat indie developers like second-class citizens, Sony’s making a real push to give exposure to the best out there. But is it enough, or is it too late? Nathan Grayson ventured to Fantastic Arcade in Austin to find out.

    9 years ago