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  • Interview: Ted Price and David DeMartini explain the Insomniac multi-plat gigaton

    It’s not every day someone says, “Insomniac’s Ted Price is on the line”. But then it’s not every day a studio with Insomniac’s sheer weight – the outfit has sold over 35 million games for PlayStation hardware – decides to move away from a superglue relationship with Sony to develop a multi-format title with EA. […]

  • EA Partners signs Insomniac Games for new multi-platform IP

    EA Partners has signed Insomniac Games for the developer’s first multi-platform title ever. That’s right: Insomniac’s creating a 360 game.

  • Resistance 2 launches in the US

    Resistance 2 has released in the States, with Insomniac’s Ted Price claiming the game will be the best shooter of the year. “Not only did we set out to create a game that offered the most content for shooter fans in 2008, we also wanted to produce the best overall first-person shooter in 2008,” he […]

  • Ted Price attending US Resistance 2 launch event in San Francisco

    The US PS Blog brings word that Insomniac boss Ted Price himself will be in attendance at the midnight opening of the Metreon in San Francisco for the launch of Resistance 2 next week, as will members of the firm’s community team. There’ll be swag, signing at photos. It does not get better than that. […]

  • Sequels allow devs "to hit the ground running", says Insomniac CEO

    Ted Price, Insomniac President and CEO of Insomniac Games, has told Reuters that one of the advantages of sequels is that it allows developers to hit the ground running. “Developers can hit the ground running with sequels,” said Ted. “The game’s story and art style have a solid base, the tech and tools are stable […]

  • Bleszinski: Gears to Resistance is "apples to oranges"

    Gears of War design boss Cliff Bleszinski, speaking to Das Gamer, has refused to be drawn on comparisons between Gears 2 and Resistance 2, saying the two are completely separate entities. “When you break it down and look at each game, it’s largely apples to oranges,” he said. The designer added, however, that he keeps […]

  • Price: "Video game legislation has no place in America"

    Insomniac boss Ted Price has come out and said that censoring games in the US is a bad thing. He probably has a point. “I think video game legislation has no place in America,” he told Shacknews. “It saddens me to see legislators stomping all over our First Amendment rights for their own specific interests.” […]

  • Resistance 2 is "just about finished"

    Speaking to Gamespot, Insominac chief Ted Price said that Resistance 2 is almost done. Phew. “The game is just about finished as I write this,” he said. “Yet the three to four weeks before we deliver a final disc to the factory are always the most difficult. “This is when we’re fixing bugs, adding tons […]

  • Gametrailers to debut Resistance 2 gameplay

    According to this GamePlasma report, Gamestrailers is going to publish the first gameplay video of Resistance 2 single-player and multiplayer this Friday, June 13th, at 1.00am EST in HD. “We’re thrilled to debut the first gameplay footage of Resistance 2 on GTTV. The team’s hard work on the game is really paying off, and we’re […]

  • Price admits Resistance 1 won't support Trophies and Home

    Despite saying the original Resistance: Fall of Man would feature Home and Trophy support in a Eurogamer interview last week, Insomniac boss Ted Price has now clarified the statement: basically, it won’t. Resistance 2, however, will. More detail here.

  • Price: Resistance 2 to run at 720p and 30fps

    Speaking in a live interview on Eurogamer, Insomniac President Ted Price said that Resistance 2 will run at 720p and 30 frames per second. Just to confirm we’re not lying, here’s the full question and answer: ps3owner asks What is the resolution and the framerate of the game? Ted Price: 720p, 30fps. We take that […]

  • Price: Resistance 2 campaign "huge"

    Speaking in a live interview on Eurogamer, Insomniac president Ted Price has said that the length of the campaign for Resistance 2 is “huge”. “R2’s campaign should be as long or longer than R1. We haven’t timed it out yet but it’s shaping up to be huge,” said Ted. “By the way, I thought COD4 […]

  • Both Resistance 1 and 2 will feature Trophy and Home support, says Price

    Speaking in a live interview on Eurogamer, Insomniac president Ted Price has revealed that both Resistance and its upcoming sequel will feature both Home and Trophy support. “That’s the plan,” he said when asked if both games will support the PS3 features. Ted’s still answering questions, so go beat him up. Ask him when Resistance […]

  • Killzone 2 delay is good for gamers, says Insomniac president

    Speaking in a live interview on Eurogamer, Insomniac president Ted Price has said that Killzone 2’s delay into 2009 is good for game fans and the developers involved alike. “What do I think? Well Killzone 2 is a huge, great-looking and great-playing title,” he said. “Having space between two big FPS games like Resistance 2 […]

  • No loading screens at all in Resistance 2, says Price

    Speaking in a live interview on Eurogamer, Insomniac boss Ted Price has revealed that you’re not going to see a single loading screen in upcoming shooter Resistance 2, all thanks to tech improvements made since the release of the first game. “We do have streaming of textures and other assets now,” said Price. “Not only […]

  • Eight-way co-op is a "big differentiating factor between" Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2, says Price

    Speaking in an ongoing live interview on Eurogamer, Insomniac president Ted Price has picked Resistance 2’s eight-way co-op compared to Gears of War 2’s as-yet-unannounced-player aspect as major differentiators between the games. “I think both will have extremely strong gameplay, engaging stories and lots of different modes to try out,” he said. “Yet one big […]

  • Talk to Insomniac boss Ted Price live at 5pm BST

    Just a reminder that Insomniac president Ted Price is going to be doing a live interview on Eurogamer at 5pm. Get over there and ask him some questions.

  • Insomniac to open North Carolina studio

    According to GameDaily, Insomniac is to open a new studio in North Carolina by the beginning of 2009. The new outfit, headed by art director Chad Dezem and dev lead Shaun McCabe, will be home to around 30 employees. Insomniac boss Ted Price says in that interview that the team should be big enough to […]

  • Ted Price interviewed live on EG this Wednesday

    Eurogamer just sent word that Insomniac boss Ted Price is going to be interviewed live on the site this Wednesday, 4th June from 5pm BST/6pm CET. “At Insomniac, we’re big fans of our fans,” said Ted Price, President and CEO, Insomniac Games. “So getting a chance to talk to Resistance players and answer whatever I […]

  • New Resistance 2 scans from OPM UK

    We’re having a few problems viewing these (i.e., we can’t see them), but from the image here it looks as though there’s plenty to see on these new scans of a Resistance 2 feature from the British OPM. Let us know if they’re any good, will you?

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