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  • Tri-Ace teases new, cross-platform RPG

    Tri-Ace has posted a teaser site for a new RPG, which contains little more than a timer. It’s a PS3 and 360 affair, and it looks as though you’ve got 217 hours before you get it. So don’t hold your breath.

  • New "Believe Piñata" Viva 2 teaser spotted on YouTube

    Amazing what you find when you’re least expecting it. There’s a new teaser for Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise after the break, which has seemingly randomly appeared on YouTube. It’s an obvious piss-take of Bungie’s Halo 3 “Believe” trailer. The movie’s live as opposed to CG, and features “good” piñata getting into pickles with the […]

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