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VG247 podcast #5 – Pachter, Bramwell and Menne on GamesCom

Will Sony drop PS3’s price and introduce Slim at GamesCom in Cologne next week? We thought we’d ask some experts.Super-analyst Michael Pachter, Eurogamer.net editor Tom Bramwell and Eurogamer.de editor Tanja Menne were all kind enough to join us to talk about the new German show, in what turned into an illuminating discussion involving a lot […]

11 years ago

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  • Watch Tanja.de doing Wii Fit stuff

    Following Eurogamer.net’s Ellie Gibson “doing her thing” with Wii Fit on video, Eurogamer.de’s Tanja Menne has posted her take on the Nintendo game.This involves her gyrating her hips, “jogging” and being generally mobile. The site’s news chap, Benjamin, is also in the video. In a hat. See it here.

    13 years ago