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  • Months old Tales of Vesperia demo "exclusive to OXM"

    Not quite sure what’s going on here, but OXM’s claimed that it’s got the “exclusive” on the Tales of Vesperia demo for its October issue out September 4. We’re assuming this is the same demo released in Asia in June and the rest of the 360-playing world in July, but we may be wrong. We’ll […]

  • Japanese software sales, Aug 11 to 17

    Rhythm Tengoku Gold takes top spot this week in an almost completely Nintendo dominated top 10. The Japanese Tales of Vesperia love only lasted one week it seems, as Namco’s JRPG is nowhere to be seen. List below. Last week’s here. Thanks NeoGaf. 1. NDS Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) – 137,000 / 480,000 2. PSP […]

  • Xbox 360 completely sold-out in Japan until next month

    We still don’t believe it either; but thanks to Tales of Vesperia’s hand-over-foot money grabbing techniques, there are no more Xbox 360s on Japanese shelves. None. Just to drive the point home, Microsoft has released a statement about the newly Xbox-bereft nation, which Kotaku translated: “Currently, the Xbox 360 is sold out, and retailers are […]

  • PSUP top in Japan as Vesperia makes valiant showing

    Phantasy Star Universe Portable’s still lording over Japanese software sales, with Fire Emblem on DS punching up quickly into second place. Story of the week, though, has to be 360-exclusive Tales of Vesperia, with 108,000 units sold. The hardware figures are going to be worth watching this week. Week ending August 10. Last week’s here. […]

  • Shock: Japanese Xbox 360 exclusive release draws 100 person line

    It’s the small victories that count, right? Microsoft can’t even give Xbox 360’s away in Japan, but the few who actually purchased Microsoft’s sadly neglected console seem to be an excitable bunch, gladly lining up for the launch of 360-exclusive RPG Tales of Vesperia. According to Kotaku, Vesperia released to a queue of roughly 100 […]

  • Tales of Vesperia demo is Live in US and Europe

    The Tales of Vesperia demo is now available to download in the US and UK. We got hold of the Japanese demo back in June and you can read what we thought of it here. The game will be released June 20. By Mike Bowden

  • Tales of Vesperia movies show combat and talking

    After the break. Read our impressions of the Namco RPG’s demo here. Then send us emails boohooing about how we’re clearly mad that we don’t think it’s likely to be the best game ever. Be sure to put “lol” in them.

  • Tales of Vesperia: demo impressions

    The Asian demo of Namco RPG Tales of Vesperia went up on Live today, so we thought we’d let you know how it plays. After the link.

  • Tales of Vesperia demo hits Asian Marketplace

    From the Major. Namco’s posted a demo of Tales of Vesperia, but only for the Asian and Indian Marketplaces. The game is region free so grab it now, if you can. By Mike Bowden

  • Tales of Vesperia demo promised for June

    Namco just confirmed that a demo of RPG Tales of Vesperia will be released on Xbox Live this month, although it’s unclear which regions will enjoy the taster. The game is now confirmed for an August release in both Japan and the US, with a European version hitting next year. Namco producer Yoshito Higuchi gave […]

  • Tales of Vesperia to release on August 7 in Japan, August in US, 2009 in Europe

    Microsoft just confirmed that Namco RPG Tales of Vesperia will release in Japan on August 7 for 7,800 yen. The game will also release in the US in August, and in Europe in 2009. Also announced is a Japanese Tales of Vesperia bundle, to include the game, a premium Xbox 360 and an unconfirmed bonus […]

  • Tales of Vesperia for PS3 (probably)

    Namco RPG Tales of Vesperia – previously only destined for 360 – has been confirmed for PS3, according to this Kotaku report. Well, it was confirmed, but now Namco’s claimed it wasn’t the case and has corrected itself. There’s no point lying, Namco. You can’t beat the internet. Just come out. Be proud. Embrace the […]

  • Namco's 2008 Editor's Day - all the screens

    Shacknews has posted all the media from Namco’s 2008 Editor’s Day on one handy page, which is a win-win for everyone, frankly. You’ll find shots of Soul Calibur IV, Warhammer: Battle March, the newly announced PowerUp Forever, Tales of Vesperia, Afro Samurai and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm through that link. Don’t say we never do […]

  • Tales of Vesperia confirmed for 360

    So says this. Apparently Namco announced an Xbox 360 version in an interview with Famitsu, but didn’t say where it was going to be released. The last three previous “Tales of” games having been released on Sony platforms and one for the Gamecube, with Tales of Syphonia recently announced for Wii (in the US, at […]

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