Tales Of Valor

Tales of Valor releases, already patched

Company of Heroes add-on Tales of Valor has shipped, THQ said today.Awesomely, it’s already been patched. Updates for both it and Opposing Fronts are now available.Patches 2.500 and 2.501 add a number of changes and fixes, the full lowdown of which can be found here.Thanks, Blue.

12 years ago

Tales Of Valor headlines

  • Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor gets first trailer and impressions

    IGN’s gone live with the first impressions of Tales of Valor, the standalone Company of Heroes expansion due for release next year. Snip:Tales of Valor isn’t an expansion that requires you to own CoH; it’s a stand-alone game that focuses on you controlling a handful of units at a time. In fact, this isn’t a […]

    12 years ago
  • New Company of Heroes expansion to have three "mini-campaigns"

    This Edge piece brings first details of newly announced Company of Heroes expansion Tales of Valor, confirming the game will include “three ‘mini-campaigns’ with new multiplayer content to be revealed soon.”From the piece, quoting Tim Holman, senior producer for Relic and the CoH franchise:“We moved away from the mechanic of building a base, building a […]

    12 years ago