Tad Williams

Otherland making-of video takes a look at Five Isle

Gamigo and RealU have released the fourth making-of video for the MMO Otherland. In the video, Tad Williams shows off the Five Isle world which is comprised of five floating islands, each representing one of the five Chinese elements. It features Victorian architecture, large chess pieces floating around the sky, White and Red Armies waging […]

8 years ago

Tad Williams headlines

  • Otherland making-of video delves into AI, EightSquared, more

    Gamigo and RealU have released a video detailing the medieval simulation EightSquared in a new making of feature for Otherland: Green Fields. The world, created by Tad Williams, features Victorian architecture with gigantic chess pieces floating around in the sky while the White and Red Armies wage an endless war against one another. The video […]

    8 years ago
  • Otherland announcement trailer is out of this world

    What’s 260 seconds long and goes a bit mental after the first 20 seconds? Why, that’ll be the new trailer outlining an outlandish new free-to-play MMO based on the books of Tad Williams, of course. Video below.

    9 years ago
  • dtp unveils cyberpunk MMO, Otherland

    Eurogamer’s posted first details of Otherland, a dtp-developed MMO based on the books of American author Tad Williams.It’s out in 2010. As the site puts it:Otherland takes place in a near future where the super-rich have their own private virtual worlds on the net, peopled both by AI, and unwitting humans who don’t know that […]

    12 years ago