SWTOR Update 1.4

SWTOR update 1.4 files point to new boss, area, pets, dailies, and companion

SWTOR update 1.4 files have been dug around in by some industrious types, and it looks as though some more content is on the way according to what was unearthed.

7 years ago

SWTOR Update 1.4 headlines

  • SWTOR - developer dispatch video shows the Terror from Beyond in game update 1.4

    SWTOR Game Update 1.4, Terror from Beyond, has a developer video available for viewing below the break. In the update, players will be “called upon to face a mysterious new threat that has emerged from one of the most obscure places in the galaxy: the Gree planet of Asation.” It seems as those the Gree […]

    7 years ago
  • SWTOR - class changes and balancing coming with Update 1.4

    SWTOR Update 1.4 will address several issues with class gameplay usability and balance when it launches for the MMO. According to a new developer post from senior designer Austin Peckenpaugh, foremost among the changes will be an adjustment to crowd control and the Resolve system, and a “reevaluation of stealth spec gameplay.”

    7 years ago