Swtor Beta

Next SWTOR beta testing weekend is November 25-28

The next beta testing weekend for Star Wars: The Old Republic will take place next weekend, November 25-28, according to the MMO’s official Twitter account.

Swtor Beta headlines

  • Beta testers logged over 1 million hours in SWTOR last weekend

    BioWare has said beta testers logged over 1 million hours in Star Wars: The Old Republic last weekend, with tens of thousands participating.

  • SWTOR beta testing resumes this weekend

    Bioware has announced that beta testing will start again this weekend on October 6 and run until October 10 for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The firm is increasing the invite numbers from the first weekend, meaning more of you will get to play. Invites are being sent as we speak, and if you are […]

  • Bioware re-inviting group one testers for beta weekends

    Bioware has an update on open beta weekends for Star Wars: The Old Republic, with community manager Stephen Reid stating that all original weekend beta testers will be getting an invitation to participate in future beta weekends.

  • SWTOR beta canceled this weekend, larger beta events planned for future

    If you were planning on playing around in the SWTOR beta this weekend, you should probably make alternate plans, like playing another game or participating in underwater sock darning. Whatever it is you crazy kids do these days.

  • Quick Quotes: SWTOR release date "definitely tied to the beta"

    “We’re driving towards a date, but we’re not announcing a date yet because [we] want to make sure that these services can last a decade. It is definitely tied to the beta test feedback that’s ongoing and so far, so good. You’ve got to have a great launch and as more and more user feedback […]

  • SWTOR beta weekends starting worldwide in September

    Nestled in the lovely press release regarding the Limited Edtions and pre-orders for Star Wars: The Old Republic, was news that beta test weekends will start in September. That’s good news for those of us you who have yet to be admitted into the beta club.

  • SWTOR beta invites are coming soon, sign up now

    BioWare has announced it’s started gathering information on those who’ve applied for beta testing of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and will be sending out invites soon.