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Friday Shorts II: Ico Novel, Cthulhu, Dinosaur King, Breath of Death, Twitter quotes, sales

It’s finally Friday for you folks. To celebrate, have some more shorts.

9 years ago

Surfer Girl headlines

  • Slim 360 for E3 debut, says Surfer Girl [Update]

    Update: Looks like it’s a load of shit. Too bad. Original: Someone’s claiming to be Surfer Girl. They’re also claiming that Microsoft will show its heavily-rumoured slim 360 at E3 in June.

    10 years ago
  • Surfer Girl quits - we am cry

    Sadness. Surfer Girl’s made her last post, saying that the point of her blog was to “force folks to pay attention to important things going on in the real world and encourage them to become activists for social and political progress. I probably failed miserably, but at least I tried.” You didn’t fail, lady. Our […]

    12 years ago
  • Surfer Girl makes us laugh, rumours Witcher sequel

    We just wanted to post the words “somber minimalist masterpiece Urban Freestyle Soccer”, really. Latest from Surfer Girl: 1) CD Projekt Red’s next title, which walks like a The Witcher sequel and talks a The Witcher sequel, will also be hitting consoles. 2) Gusto Games, the developer of the somber minimalist masterpiece Urban Freestyle Soccer, […]

    12 years ago