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  • Bastion now available on iPhone, iPod

    Supergiant Games has updated the iOS version of Bastion to make it a universal app. Previously compatible only with the iPad 2 and up, it’s now playable on iPhone 4S and iPod Touch fifth generation or newer devices. Available now on the App Store for AU$5.49 or regional equivalent, the updated version has been optimized […]

  • Bastion released for Mac via Mac App Store

    Bastion is now available for Mac via the Mac App Store for $14.99. IndieGames notes some users are complaining of a game-stopping bug, which may or may not be affecting all users. It is not known at this time when the issue will be addressed.

  • Supergiant Games: DLC and in-game transactions make games less "atmospheric"

    Greg Kasavin, creative director of Supergiant Games, has said games based around in-game transactions and downloadable content can made it hard for the player to have an “atmospheric” experience.

  • Bastion reduced to 600 MS points

    Major Nelson’s confirmed XBLA RPG superhit Bastion’s been reduced in price by 50 percent to 600 MS points. The offer for the Supergiant RPG is on for this week only. Quite frankly, if you haven’t bought it already and you miss this, there’s something very wrong with you. Go do that now. Get it from […]

  • Supergiant sends US airman in Afghanistan a physical copy of Bastion

    A US airman in Afghanistan going by the name of Richard on Reddit, was given a really great present by Supergiant Games in the form of Bastion on disc. According to the military fellow, the internet speeds where he is deployed are terrible, and after trying to purchase the game through both Steam and D2D, […]

  • GDC 2012: Audio sessions announced for Bastion, Crysis 2, others

    GDC organizers have announced Audio Track sessions from Supergiant’s Darren Krorb, Crytek’s Thomas Wollenzin, and the Game Audio Network Guild.

  • Skyrim, Portal 2, Bastion receive five GDC Awards nods

    Bethesda, Valve, and Supergiant Games have each been nominated in five different categories for the 12th annual Game Developers Choice Awards.

  • Bastion tops 500,000 sales

    Gorgeous indie dungeon crawler Bastion has managed half a million sales, netting more than 60 awards in the process.

  • Stranger's Dream DLC goes back to the Bastion December 14

    Gleefully return to Supergiant’s indie darling this week thanks to its first piece of DLC.

  • Magic Voodoo: Bastion added to Google Chrome game library

    Crazy, man. Warner’s introduced a Chrome-supportable version of Supergiant RPG darling Bastion, consisting of a full version of the game as well as a demo for those who are decide if they’d like to buy it. Crazy bonkers this has happened, but there we go: it’s nearly 2012, after all. Get it from the Chrome […]

  • Bastion goes half-price on Steam today

    Steam’s reduced the price of RPG-lite Bastion on PC for today. The Supergiant title is currently down from £11.49/$14.99 to £5.74/$7.49. You can get it here. Bastion launched this past July on XBLA first as part of Summer of Arcade, before moving onto PC in August.

  • Bastion dev: "A lot of worry" in going indie

    Supergiant staffers gambled everything when they left jobs with major publishers to developer Bastion.

  • Tuesday shorts - Please Make it Stop Edition

    It’s like the Internet developed the ability to vomit, and I’m on mop duty. You may need to set aside some time for this.

  • Bastion director: Player choice makes for richer, rewarding play

    Creative director Greg Kasavin has said Bastion was built with the goal of enriching gameplay experience by providing consequential choices.

  • No DLC for Bastion because it feels "complete"

    Bastion developer Supergiant isn’t planning on releasing DLC for the action RPG, because it put in everything it planned for right from the start.

  • Bastion PC to hit Australia August 17

    Warner Bros. Australia has confirmed Bastion’s local PC release date of August 17, one day behind other territories – although that’s probably a time zone thing, really, since we live in the future. The critically-acclaimed action RPG (read: dungeon crawler) will go for $14.99, and kick off on Steam before hitting other local PS portal […]

  • Bastion to launch on PC on August 16

    Warner’s announced that it’s to release Bastion on PC on August 16. The Supergiant action RPG had previously launched last month as part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade. The game’s currently up for pre-order on Steam for £14.99, and will have Steamworks support, an all new control scheme and gamepad control. It’ll be up […]

  • Bastion confirmed for PC by end of the year, no PSN plans

    Bastion creative director Greg Kasavin has confirmed the game will be released on PC before the end of the year, but there are currently no plans to release the action-RPG on PSN.

  • Bastion reviews rounded-up ahead of tomorrow's launch

    Bastion reviews have started hitting the net, and it looks as though the majority find it a charming Xbox Live title from Supergiant Games.

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