The Game Atelier makes back catalog free to promote Flying Hamster 2 Kickstarter

Flying Hamster 2 is up on Kickstarter, and in order to drum up interest in the crowdfunding endeavor, The Game Atelier is offerings its back catalog for free on iOS. Those who own a PlayStation Vita will find SunFlowers and Flying Hamster through store for only 49 cents each. Flying Hamster 2 needs $150,000 in […]

6 years ago

SunFlowers headlines

  • SunFlowers arrives on US PlayStation Store next week

    SunFlowers, the latest game from Flying Hamster developer The Game Atelier and a strong contender for my portable game of the year award, arrives on the US PlayStation Store on October 9. The Vita offering has players cultivating a garden by sending sunlight through roaming hazards, and most unusually, requires you to turn your console […]

    7 years ago
  • SunFlowers announced for fall release on Vita

    SunFlowers is a new title coming to Vita in the fall from The Game Atelier, and it tasks you with growing flowers by controlling the sun.

    8 years ago
  • Flying Hamster dev announces SunFlowers for Vita

    Look, I’m not saying you necessarily want to play a game about growing flowers on your Vita, I’m just saying I do, and that you possibly have no joy in your soul.

    8 years ago