Strider Reboot

Strider reboot flies through a launch trailer

Double Helix’s digital-only reboot of classic arcader Strider is up this week for PlayStations, Xboxes and PC, and Dave really enjoyed it. But we’ve also got some eyes-on with a launch trailer that may or may not be more informative than mere text.

6 years ago

Strider Reboot headlines

  • Strider retrospective follows our hero through the years

    With the Strider reboot releasing next week, Capcom has decided to release a video retrospective. It’s posted below. Enjoy, as the video follows Strider Hiryu from his 1989 arcade debut, through his numerous Capcom cameos and his 2014 return. Strider lands on PS3 and PS4 February 18 and on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 […]

    6 years ago
  • PlayStation 3 Strider reboot includes PSone originals in Japan

    The Strider reboot will be available at retail and via download on PlayStation 3 in Japan in February, Capcom has told Famitsu. The game will also include include original content, a special video, the PSone Classics versions of Strider and Strider 2, and a custom theme. The game will be offered only through PSN for […]

    6 years ago