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Street Fighter IV can now be played online for cash

In case you hadn’t spent enough money on Street Fighter IV and all its versions (or were looking to recuperate some of your spending), you can now compete online for cash.

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  • LG Cup Street Fighter IV HD offers $21,000 prize pool

    Street Fighter fans in and around Los Angeles should visit the Belasco Theater this Saturday, where from 11:00AM to 6:00PM the LG Cup Street Fighter IV HD tournament will be in full swing. The competition is one leg of the global Street Fighter championships, so there’s sure to be some excellent bouts. You can register […]

  • Capcom launches Street Fighter IV: Volt for iOS

    Capcom’s released a new iOS version of Street Fighter IV, subtitled Volt. The game will include Wi-Fi support for one-on-one battles as well as three new fights: Balrog, Cody and Vega. You can get the game for £1.19, but do it now: price is getting hiked up next week each day until next Wednesday when […]

  • Check out Yang's moves in this SSFIV: Arcade Edition video

    A video featuring Yang in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is posted below.

  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition FAQ tries to clear up any confusion

    Confused about how Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will work with Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV? Worried about your Battle and Player Points transferring over? Are you still scratching your head over what exactly the update going live on June 6 entails? Wonder no more, little Kens and Cammys. Capcom has […]

  • No extra characters to be released for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

    Dengeki PlayStation is reporting that no additional characters for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be released post launch. So what you get with the Arcade version will be it. Arcade, which was officially announced this month after being leaked to hell and back, will be made available as DLC for PS3 and Xbox […]

  • Street Fighter IV gets 3D arcade edition in China

    Street Fighter IV has gotten a 3D release in arcades in China, according to an Arcade Heroes report. The release is a vanilla version of SFIV – meaning it’s not Super Street Fighter IV – with 3D support, which could mean it’s running from the PC version. That so happens to support nVidia’s 3D vision […]

  • Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition port hinted at by Korea's Rating Board

    First he said no. Then he said maybe. But according to Korea’s Game Rating Board, next time Yoshinori Ono is asked about Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition coming to home consoles, he may well have to have to say “yes”.

  • SFIV hacked for Kinect

    Another day, another Kinect hack. This time, it’s all about playing Street Fighter IV with your actual fists.

  • Sagat joins SFIV iPhone roster

    Capcom’s announced Sagat will join the character roster for Street Fighter IV on iPhone.

  • Street Fighter IV to cost $10, eight characters included

    Capcom’s confirmed Street Fighter IV for iPhone will include eight characters, and that the game will come with a $10 price tag when it releases next month.

  • Capcom wants to see Street Fighter IV on PSP

    Capcom has said it wants to see Street Fighter IV on PSP sometime soon.

  • Street Fighter IV comng to iPhone

    No. Your eyes do not deceive you. Do not adjust your set. Street Fighter IV is coming to iPhone and iPod this March.

  • Uncharted 2, Tekken, SFIV Home spaces get screened and videoed has live shots of the new Uncharted 2, Street Fighter and Tekken spaces that are coming to PlayStation Home tomorrow. Go through the link to catch the screens. But after the jump, you can catch a video from PlayStation Home director Jack Buser, showcasing the Uncharted 2 space: thanks to the US PS Blog.

  • Street Fighter IV to become 360 Platinum Hit

    Not a surprise really considering what’s happened this week. D’Toid‘s noticed that Street Fighter IV is set to become a Xbox 360 Platinum Hit in the US, if it’s listing on Marketplace is right. Sure enough, it does show it as a Platinum Hit on Marketplace. More through the links.

  • "New warrior" coming soon to Street Fighter IV

    Remember that Street Fighter announcement that was recently, er, announced? Well, now it’s got its own teaser. Right now, the teaser page is counting down to 2009.09.29 17:00 JST. The site’s url, meanwhile, mentions a “new warrior.” In other words, we’ll presumably catch our first glipse of the next generation in paved pugilism on Tuesday, […]

  • Mad Catz announces more Street Fighter IV FightSticks and FightPads

    Mad Catz has announced a second round of Street Fighter IV FightSticks and FightPads for this fall. The new Tournament Edition Arcade FightSticks feature new artwork with character-specific FightPads featuring: M. Bison, Guile, Zangief, C. Viper, Cammy, and Sagat. Made for both PS3 and Xbox 360, each are rather cool looking and can be seen […]

  • Capcom hints at possible Street Fighter IV sequel

    Over on Japanese Street Fighter IV blog, writer Natsuki Shiozawa promised that a solid announcement regarding a Street Fighter IV would be made in the near future. Basically it was an announcement about an announcement, but surely Capcom would not even say that if one was in the works. Or would it? Keep in mind […]

  • Steam has Street Fighter IV for half-price this weekend

    Steam’s weekend sale has Street Fighter IV on sale for half-off the original price. Normally $39.99, for a limited time it’s $19.99. Great deal there. Wonder if this is part of what Christian Svensson was talking about during our podcast, when he stated that “you’ll see a few promotions happening very, very soon on Street […]

  • Capcom: No more historic fighters "in development"

    Capcom’s told VG247 that its not currently working on any more updates to its historic fighting games, but will almost certainly revisit its older scrapper titles in the future. “I’ll be honest: right now we have nothing in development, but we’ve been pleased with how our fighting games have performed and our re-releases have performed, […]

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