Street Fighter Alpha

Sony lists best selling PSone titles on PSN

Sony has released a list of best selling PSone titles available on PSN since the service opened in 2006. Here’s the rundown: Street Fighter Alpha – released 2008 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – released 2007 Crash Bandicoot – released 2006 Twisted Metal 2 – released 2007 Spyro the Dragon – released 2007 Crash Bandicoot […]

11 years ago

Street Fighter Alpha headlines

  • Street Fighter Alpha hits PSN this week

    According to the Capcom blog, the PSone version of Street Fighter Alpha’s to be released on PSN on Thursday. You can never have enough Street Fighter. Full thing through the link.

    12 years ago
  • Top-down GTAs and Street Fighter Alpha for PSN soon, says mag

    It’ll be interesting to see if these have aged well. According to some chap here, quoting from the latest UK OPM, GTA1 and GTA2 are being lined up for inclusion on PSN. Mr Man there also reckons Street Fighter Alpha’s on its way. No dates, but cool nonetheless.

    12 years ago