Street Fighter 25th Anniversary

Austin: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament this weekend

Street Fighter fans in and around Austin, Texas will be the first to take part in Capcom’s 25th Anniversary tournament series, which boasts a number of popular titles from the fighting franchise’s history. The first round of the touring event runs July 28-29, so if you’re keen to participate get on it, fast – it’s […]

8 years ago

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary headlines

  • Street Fighter celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year

    Capcom is planning a celebration of sorts for Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary, which technically, doesn’t really occur until August 30. Still, despite the series’ actual anniversary doesn’t happen for a few more months, Capcom’s “preparing big plans for 2012” with full details on an “international celebration” coming soon. While the world waits for an announcement […]

    9 years ago