Nintendo: Wii storage solution not necessarily hard drive, peripheral flood to slow

Exciting. According to an interview in Spanish Ninty mag Club Nintendo, the Wii may not be getting a hard drive. Or maybe it will! Said Reggie Fils-Aime:“We are working on a storage solution and it is especially important in America because our consumers are using Wii Points for the Virtual Console and WiiWare.“I want the […]

12 years ago

Storage headlines

  • Nintendo: Wii storage issues concern geeks, otaku, and – oh – our mainstream audience

    You may remember this ill-advised comment from Nintendo of Europe marketing boss Laurent Fischer, saying that only “geeks and otaku” care about Wii storage. Well, among everyone else ever, Reggie Fils-Aime strongly disagrees with his statement.“We have a consumer base who loves virtual console,” Nintendo of America’s commander-in-chief told MTV Multiplayer. “We have a userbase […]

    12 years ago
  • Fischer: Nintendo "working on solution" to Wii storage issue, but hard drive ruled out

    According to this GI story, Nintendo of Europe marketing boss Laurent Fischer has confirmed that a Wii storage solution is on the way – but it’s not going to be a hard drive.“We definitely detect that they [gamers] are serious and we know there is an issue in this, so it’s something that we’re working […]

    12 years ago