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Son of Nor funded on Kickstarter, next step is getting greenlit on Steam

Son of Nor has met its Kickstarter goal of $150,000, and then some, and the team at stillalive Studios is now focusing on getting the greenlight on Steam.

7 years ago

StillAlive Studios headlines

  • Son of Nor video shows gameplay, Oculus Rift support announced

    Son of Nor developer StillAlive Studios has added Oculus Rift support to the game, as if support for mind control device Emotiv EPOC wasn’t enough to whet your whistle. The video below features the action-adventure game’s producer Chris Polus casting spells, exploring and solving puzzles along with the announcement of Rift support. Watch below. With […]

    7 years ago
  • Son of Nor supports mind-controlled power use

    That game where you can rearrange the environment using Jedi-like powers? You’ll be able to play it with your mind. Prepare to have your mind blown when you see it in action through the break.

    7 years ago
  • Son of Nor trailer gives a better look at Force powers

    Let’s make this clear; Son of Nor‘s protagonist is not a Jedi and does not use the power of the Force. That would be a copyright infringement. That said, see him throw shit around with telekinesis in the trailer through the break.

    7 years ago
  • Son of Nor manipulates the desert to battle enemies, solve puzzles

    Here’s a new Kickstarter form a team nobody seems to have heard of, but we’re all pretty excited anyway because Son of Nor looks awesome.

    7 years ago