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Aerosmith locked into Guitar Hero exclusivity

According to this Newsweek post, Guitar Hero Aerosmith means the band are tied into the franchise and won’t be doing any Rock Band DLC any time soon. From the site: “It’s an exclusive deal for this game,” Aerosmith publicist Marcee Rondon told Harris. We confirmed this with Tim Riley, Activision’s vice president of music affairs, […]

12 years ago

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  • Aerosmith: "There are some battles you can't fight"

    Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler has said the reason he got involved with Activision for the recently announced Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is that he realised there was no point being stuck in the past with anal attention to music as art: technology was the way forward. “There are some battles you can’t fight,” he said. “You would […]

    12 years ago