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  • Boom Blox 2 to release this spring

    Boom Blox 2, now officially titled Boom Blox Bash Party, will release this spring for Wii. The Spielberg-EA puzzle collaboration “promises increased multiplayer action and more than 400 new levels that take players from under water into outer space,” according to this Reuters story. “Boom Blox Bash Party is a wild social gaming experience,” Spielberg […]

  • EA refuses to confirm or deny LMNO lay-offs

    EA has refused to confirm or deny whether or not the majority of the LMNO team was laid off last week. The company has clarified its noncommittal position by saying it isn’t detailing where staff cuts are to be made in the wake of the announcement of a 6 percent reduction in its workforce, confirmed […]

  • EA: Spielberg's LMNO still in production

    EA has just confirmed to VG247 that Steven Spielberg’s LMNO is still in production. “Development of LMNO continues at EALA under the creative leadership of Doug Church (Creative Director) and Lou Castle (Executive Producer),” said the firm in a statement. It was rumoured this morning that the majority of the team had been laid off […]

  • Rumour: Spielberg team laid off at EALA (update)

    Update: EA’s just confirmed that the game’s still in production. VG247 has learnt from an EA employee that the majority of the LMNO team has been laid off at EALA. LMNO was the codename for the “ultra-real” Spielberg game being worked on at the studio. The fate of the game itself is unclear: we’ve been […]

  • Head-tracking feature pulled from Boom Blox

    Colour us shocked. Joystiq’s reporting that the Boom Blox head-tracking feature – that was supposedly going to allow players to move the game’s camera with head movements – has been pulled. From the site: At the Nintendo Media Summit, Boom Blox senior producer Amir Rahimi confirmed that the final version of the game will lack […]

  • Boom Blox for May 9 in Europe

    According to CVG, EA’s Boom Blox will release in Europe on May 9. The Spielberg Wii puzzle game is… a Spielberg Wii puzzle game. Looks fun, so keep an eye out.

  • Uwe Boll thinks Spielberg is "sloppy"

    He probably doesn’t really, but this is a good quote nonetheless. “Spielberg gets sloppy,” said Boll, on the subject of his new movie, an adaptation of Postal. “We saw that with War of the Worlds (why the f**k the older brother survived?) and also in parts of Jaws, E.T., Munich etc.! My performance in Postal […]

  • GDC: Boom Blox details and hands-on

    Here. Worth a look. Those in the know are going nuts for Spielberg’s Wii title, so it’s worth keeping on your radar until we know otherwise, at least. This piece includes the words “fascinating”, “creative genius” and “I loved what I played”. Go have a read.

  • GDC: Boom Blox to include head tracking

    It says so here. In his GDC session, Louis Castle, producer of Spielberg game Boom Blox, said by using two Wiimotes it’s possible to control the camera with your head. He was also keen to point out that the “feature” was an easter egg and not something EA was planning on promoting. Which sounds sensible […]

  • Spielberg is "just one of the team"

    Hot on the heels of the announcement of BOOM BLOX, the firts game to arrive from the Spielberg-EA partnership, comes an interview with the title’s creator, Louis Castle. Louis reckon’s Stevie’s just a regular guy. “It’s a great relationship,” he said. “He’s out at the office usually weekly, the only time he’s not around is […]

  • First Spielberg-EA game is BOOM BLOX for Wii

    EA just confirmed the first game to arrive from its partnership with Steven Spielberg is BOOM BLOX, a 300-level puzzle game for Wii. “I am a gamer myself, and I really wanted to create a video game that I could play with my kids,” said Steven Spielberg. “BOOM BLOX features an enormous amount of fun […]

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