Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery headed to iOS as “a whole new genre of interactive fiction”

Cambridge indie inkle has announced a May release for Steve Jackson’s Sorcery, a fondly remembered 1983 gamebook.

7 years ago

Steve Jackson headlines

  • Games industry legends to judge Epic's Make Something Unreal Live

    Epic and Train2Game have announced the panel which will be judging the entries for Make Something Unreal Live. Among others, Steve Jackson, co-creator, “Fighting Fantasy”, Ian Livingstone, and Peter Molyneaux will preside.

    8 years ago
  • Epic secures iOS rights to Fighting Fantasy games

    Epic and Train2Game have secured the rights for the iOS games of Make Something Unreal Live, to be based on the Fighting Fantasy series of role-playing books created by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. New iOS games based on the adventure books will debut at Gadget Show Live 2012.

    8 years ago