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Ruffian: Crackdown 2 takes place ten years after original

Lead Designer on Crackdown 2 Steve Iannetta has revealed in an interview with Joystiq that the back story to Crackdown 2 is based on a mission that happens in the first game. The sequel takes place ten years after the original, where the Shi-Gen from the original game are now commonly known as The Freaks […]

10 years ago

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  • Crackdown dev adds two new designers

    Newly-formed Ruffian Games – working on the as yet unannounced “Crackdown 1.5” – has added Steve Iannetta and Ed Campbell as lead designer and senior designer respectively. Iannetta previously worked at VIS, Red Lemon Studios, Realtime Worlds and Midway Newcastle. Campbell’s CV includes titles such as NARC, State of Emergency 2 and Crackdown. “Given the […]

    11 years ago