Steam And Direct2drive Pc Charts

Charts: Modern Warfare 2 tops Steam while Dragon Age tops D2D

Direct2Drive and Steam sales for the week of November 8 – 14 were released today. Modern Warfare 2 topped the Steam charts, of course, while D2D’s top on the list was Dragon Age: Origins. The list is below, courtesy of Shack. Steam Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Dragon Age: Origins / Left 4 Dead […]

10 years ago

Steam And Direct2drive Pc Charts headlines

  • Weekly D2D and Steam PC charts: Aion tops again

    There is just no stopping the Aion: Collector’s Edition from keeping the top spot on both the Direct2Drive and Steam charts. To add to it, the regular version of Aion took the second spot on both as well and the similarities end with newly released MMO Fallen Earth at number three, on both too. The […]

    10 years ago
  • Weekly D2D and Steam PC charts: Aion tops both

    Looks like the Aion: Collector’s Edition is a very popular game,  a it topped both Steam and Direct2Drive’s charts for the week of September 19. Batman: Arkham Asylum didn’t do too bad either though, coming in at a respectable second and third. Steam Aion Collector’s Edition (Pre-Sale) Batman: Arkham Asylum Resident Evil 5 Star Wars […]

    10 years ago
  • Steam and Direct2Drive PC charts, WE August 29

    The list of best selling PC titles for Steam and Direct2Drive isn’t inherently different this week, but there are some new titles that have been added to the mix D2D saw the enhanced version of The Witcher and Call of Duty: World at War added to the mix, while Steam reports that the THQ Collector […]

    10 years ago