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  • Force Unleashed in the works for PC

    According to this RPS story, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is on the way to PC. The news comes from the NVISION 08 conference, and more specifically from the COO of Pixelux Entertainment, the company behind the game’s physics. More through the link.

  • Star Wars: TFU - First reviews sting, OTR indications not looking good

    The first magazine reviews are in for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and it’s all looking a bit painful so far. According to Metacritic the four reviews so far have left an average of 68 percent. Here’s who’s scored it: OXM – 75 GamePro – 7 gamesTM – 7 EGM – 56 Some of the […]

  • Force Unleashed demo on Xbox Live

    The Major has updated his blog to us know the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo is now available to download from Xbox Live. The demo’s available in all regions and weighs in 904.62 Mb. We’re downloading it now, are you? By Mike Bowden

  • Force Unleashed demo confirmed for August 21

    LucasArts has confirmed that the demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will release for Live and PSN on August 21. From the release: The demo gives players a taste of one of the early levels in the game: the TIE Fighter Construction Facility, under siege by a Jedi General named Rahm Kota. The Secret […]

  • New PS3 Force Unleashed shots released

    On IGN. This lots backs up the stuff from the PSP version yesterday. E3 and screenshots go together like toast and marmite, so expect a lot more of this.

  • Hands-on with The Force Unleashed PSP, plus screens and movies

    IGN’s posted up a hands-on preview with the PSP version of The Force Unleashed. It can be summed up thus: “When a game gets plastered across a handful of platforms, it’s easy to assume that the PSP spectrum of things might get forgotten or overlooked. Although our time with the Force Unleashed was brief and […]

  • Forced Unleashed gets comic and novel

    According to this CVG report, LucasArts is planning both a novel and graphic novel to accompany The Force Unleashed. Titan’s doing the comic. Both books will be available on August 22.

  • Force Unleashed to be shown at Gen Con

    According to this IGN report, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is going to be shown at Gen Con in Brisbane this year. The Australian event runs from July 3-6, and is primarily a tabletop gaming show, so there are no details on whether or not the game’s going to be playable, but there we are. […]

  • New Force Unleashed shots released

    On Boomtown. Looking rosy. The Stars Wars latest is doing the do on DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii and 360 in September. Take a look.

  • Fracture documentary to ship with 12-rated Force Unleashed in UK

    A BBFC rating of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has shown that a Fracture documentary will ship with the game in the UK. The footage of the action game is 7.28 minutes long, as you can see after the break. The news came as part of a BBFC rating for the Star Wars game, which […]

  • New hi-res Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screens released

    After the link. Pretty lovely these, although you’re going to have to be “into” the whole “Star Wars thing” to get “much out of it,” unless we’re very much mistaken. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed hits 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP and DS on September 9.

  • Embargo passes for Nintendo Media Summit impressions

    1up’s gone live with a heap of impressions from last week’s Nintendo Media Summit in the US. They did it first, so they get the links. Look: LostWinds! FFCC: My Life as a King Guitar Hero: On Tour LostWinds Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Samba de Amigo Boom Blox Update: Here’s Eurogamer’s stuff. So that’s […]

  • Lego Indiana Jones at GDC

    Nice. LucasArts is going to give a live gameplay presentation of title, apparently, which has been under wraps for far too long. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Fracture are also going to be shown at the viewing.

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