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  • Star Trek Online veterans rewarded with shiny new ships

    Star Trek Online developer, Cryptic Studios, has announced it’s to honour those Captains that have been with its MMO since the beginning, by bestowing free stuff upon them. Boldly go through the break for details.

  • Star Trek Online dev: 'game reviews don't do MMOs justice', calls for Metacritic reform

    Star Trek Online developer Cryptic has discussed the nature of the free-to-play business and the relationship between MMOs and reviewing websites. The studio suggests that Metacritic find a new method of collectively appraising games within the genre.

  • Star Trek Online: Talk to Worf, get a haircut

    Because Cryptic Studios is the best, it’s chosen to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a little bonus for Star Trek Online players. Hair is involved, I won’t lie.

  • Cryptic Points converting to Perfect World’s ZEN currency tomorrow

    Just a head up for those who play Star Trek Online of Champions Online: starting tomorrow, July 12, Cryptic Points will convert over to Perfect World’s ZEN currency. The move will squash any confusion over currency by making things simpler. You can learn more here.

  • Champions Online and STO lifetime subs on sale, net access to Neverwinter beta

    Cryptic has announced that lifetime subscribers to Star Trek Online or Champions Online will automatically be give access to the Neverwinter closed beta. Invites will be handed out over the course of the testing period. Those who are interesting in obtaining a lifetime sub for either game can do so until June 29, as the […]

  • Star Trek Online content designer Dan Griffis to depart Cryptic in "a few weeks"

    Star Trek Online content designer Dan “Gozer” Griffis has announced he’s leaving Cryptic Studios to pursue other opportunities. Griffis responded to his departure on the game forums stating: “I will be leaving if a few weeks for a new opportunity. That’s pretty much all of it. It has nothing to do with PvP, STO, or […]

  • Starbases detailed for STO Season Six

    Cryptic Studios has given Massively an exclusive look at the starbases announced for Season Six of Star Trek Online.

  • Star Trek Online player starbases to be five tiered

    Lead artist Jeremy Mattson has outlined the conceptual process behind Star Trek Online’s upcoming starbase content. In a developer blog, Mattson describes drawing on the franchise’s visual history, fitting in with Starfleet’s aesthetic, and making the bases grand but not unbelievably so. There’s some pretty lovely space art. Starbases are expected in Season Six. Thanks, […]

  • Star Trek Online adds Ferasans to KDF

    If you really want to play Star Trek Online as an anthropomorphised cat, but feel your heart belongs to the Klingon Defence Force rather than the Federation, today is your lucky day. Cryptic has announced the addition of a new playable race, the Ferasans, as opposed to the existing cat people race, the Caitians. The […]

  • Cryptic to revamp Star Trek Online PvP

    Cryptic’s Dan Griffis has confirmed on the game’s forums that PvP for Star Trek Online will get a revamp soon, noting playtime in the mode is massively down. Thanks, GoN.

  • Star Trek Online, Champions Online accounts unlawfully accessed

    Cryptic Studios has asked all Star Trek Online and Champions Online account holders to check and reset their details after discovering an unauthorised intrustion.

  • Star Trek Online relaunched for French and German speakers, double XP bonus weekend

    Cryptic has announced the relaunch of Star Trek Online in Europe to support its French and German languages, along with a vow to include more event timeslots in Europe. To celebrate the addition of Deutsch and Français, a double-XP bonus weekend begins this weekend starting April 2 for all players in all regions. Players will […]

  • Star Trek Online's lead ship designer exits Cryptic for Bungie

    Star Trek Online’s lead ship designer, Adam Williams, has announced via Twitter he is exiting Cryptic to join Bungie, where he will be working on the firm’s new title.

  • STO Episode 4: The 2800 launches February 11

    Perfect World and Cryptic have announced that Episode 4: The 2800 launch on Saturday, February 11. Those versed in their Trekkie lore should be familiar with what the 2800 are – a fleet of Dominion warships piloted by the Gamma Quadrant’s Jem’Hadar. During the Deep Space Nine series, Benjamin Sisko flew the USS Defiant toward […]

  • Star Trek Online turns two years old

    Crytpic’s celebrating the two-year anniversary of Star Trek Online by offering players some awesome goodies. Those who partake in the anniversary shindig, which kicked off yesterday and Monday, February 6 can take part in a special missions where the endgame sees you come away with an Enterprise-F ship. You need to be a level 50 […]

  • PSA: Star Trek Online free to play today

    It’s a happy day for those long on space-faring dreams but short on cash, as Cryptic has completed the transition of Star Trek Online from subscription to free to play. You can jump on board and have access to the whole game, although premium subs still exist for those who want to play multiple alts […]

  • Star Trek Online to sport near-weekly updates from February

    Cryptic has outlined its plans for 2012 content updates for Star Tek Online, which goes free to play next week.

  • Cryptic release video showing the new opening cutscene to Star Trek Online F2P

    Cryptic has is celebrating the free-to-play launch of Star Trek Online with a video of the updated opening cutscene all new players will experience after creating a character. Watch it for yourself below. STO goes F2P on January 17.

  • Dan Stahl plots a course back to Cryptic Studios

    After departing the Star Trek Online developer earlier this year, former executive producer Dan Stahl has returned to Cryptic Studios to lead a new Away Team working on the “Foundry”.

  • Cryptic details Season 5 update for Star Trek Online

    Cryptic’s gone live with a blog post detailing Star Trek Online’s latest major update, Season 5: Call to Ruin.

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