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  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope for "spring" in PAL regions, new shots

    JRPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope will release this “spring” on PAL 360’s, Square’s confirmed. There’s no mention of any PS3 version in today’s PR, despite an extra SKU being heavily tipped. “Star Ocean has already proved to be a popular series in Japan, we now hope that players around the world can discover why,” […]

  • Famitsu 360 gives Star Ocean IV 34/40

    The latest issue of Famitsu 360 has awarded Square Enix’s über-RPG Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope a highly respectable 34/40. Capcom’s Strret Fighter IV scored the same whilst Ninja Gaiden-alike Ninja Blade also scored highly, receiving 33/40. Star Ocean IV is set be released in Japan on February 19. Full scores below: Ninja Blade […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer looks like Japanese Mass Effect

    Microsoft recently posted what appears to be the first English Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer, and we’re pretty stoked. Prepare your feeble, un-blown mind for — among other things — earth-engulfing nukes, madcap battles, and some guy who kind of looks kind of like Darth Vader. Or, if Mass Effect isn’t your thing, just […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope official US site opens

    Square Enix has launched the official site for Star Ocean IV, dubbed The Last Hope, in America. Lots of features are still labelled “coming soon” but you can meet the characters from the tri-Ace RPG. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is rumoured to be released in Europe in April whilst the US and Japan get […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope to land in April? New screenshots and trailer

    French site Xboxygen claims Square Enix has announced that RPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope will release in Europe on April 24. There are also some new screenshots and some brand new footage for you to look at after the break. We’ll check with Square Enix on Monday. Star Ocean: The Last Hope releases for […]

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshots

    Some new pics of Square Enix’s space RPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope have surfaced and the whole thing’s looking very bright and colourful. The fourth iteration in the Star Ocean series is currently pencilled in for an Xbox 360 release later this year. Check them all out after the break. By Mike Bowden

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope screens show item creation

    Famitsu has them. As per headline, they show an item creation screen with a purple haired waif in a skin-tight PVC costume showing you how to make stuff. ‘Nuff said. Star Ocean IV is out exclusively for Xbox 360 later this year. More images through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • "No plans" for Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS3, says Square

    Following on from the earlier story that the Star Ocean IV US release date moved forward a week, Sqaure Enix has told IGN that there are currently “no plans” for a PlayStation 3 release. “…there are currently no plans for a PlayStation 3 version,” said the development team when asked. Square Enix issued the exact […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope NA release moved up, no changes elsewhere

    Square Enix RPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope is officially hitting the streets one week early – at least, if you live in North America. According to an email received by GameCyte, Square Enix has decided to give the Xbox 360-exclusive’s release date a slight tummy-tuck, resulting in a February 24 release date. Other territories’ […]

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope images look colourful

    Square Enix has put out three new images of the forthcoming tri-Ace RPG, Star Ocean: The Last Hope and they look very colourful indeed. IGN has them so head on over there and take a look. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is out next month in Japan, March in the US and is slated for […]

  • Japanese 360 owners to get Star Ocean 4 and Resi 5 bundles

    Microsoft Japan has revealed two new bundles for potential Xbox 360 owners in Japan: Star Ocean 4 and Resident Evil 5. Due for release on February 19, the Arcade Star Ocean 4 bundle is priced at ¥24,800 and comes with a Star Ocean 4 soundtrack and faceplate. On March 5, the Resident Evil 5 bundle […]

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope trailer looks amazing

    tri-Ace looks to be outdoing itself with this new trailer from the Star Ocean series. It’s got someone called Edge Maverick in it, and some bird with green hair. Watch it here. Game’s out March 3 in the US and February 19 in Japan. It will be on three DVDs, if that kind of thing […]

  • New Star Ocean: The Last Hope shots are pretty

    Square’s released some new Star Ocean: The Last Hope screens, decent versions of which can be found on Scrawl. The JRPG’s out in the US on March 3, with a Japanese version preceding it on February 19.

  • Square updates Q1 line-up

    Square’s put out a press release confirming its first quarter games for next year, confirming a few new DS titles for the period. Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP), Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360), Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS), and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (DS) will all make it […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets more Tokyo screens

    TGS is clearly the show that keeps on giving. GameInfoWire’s posted up a new set of shots for Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and extremely pretty they are too. No fixed date for this yet, aside from “2009”. Take a look.

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope - TGS trailer and off-screen gameplay videos posted

    On IGN. There’s the RPG’s Tokyo Game Show trailer there, and two off-screen videos of gameplay. It does, in a word, look hot. See for yourself.

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets date

    Microsoft just confirmed that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will release on February 19 in Japan and March 3 in America for 360. It’s coming out in Europe as well, but no date was set. The news comes out of Microsoft’s TGS keynote, which is ongoing.

  • 17 new Star Ocean images released

    Gamersyde has them and they’re looking lovely. We also got confirmation that the game will be playable at TGS so expect some footage to come out of that. Also, maybe Square Enix will finally set the record straight in Tokyo as to whether a PlayStation 3 version is only the way after the company remained […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets pre-TGS story detail

    1UP’s posted more from today’s issue of Famitsu, this time translating a bunch of story information on Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Apparently: Edge Maverick and Reimi Saionji, two childhood friends, are members of this elite team, with more characters joining them later on. Two new party members were introduced this week: Faize Sheifa Beleth, […]

  • Star Ocean 4 and Last Remnant playable at TGS

    Kotaku’s reporting that Square RPGs Star Ocean: The Last Hope and The Last Remnant will both be playable at Tokyo Game Show in October. Both games were listed in the firm’s show list announcement earlier this week, but without any indication as to whether we were going to just get movies or hands-on time. Now […]

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