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Star Ocean PS3 gets new CG-tastic shots

Square’s released some new shots of Star Ocean: The Last Hope: International Version, coming to PS3 next week.

Star Ocean The Last Hope headlines

  • Square releases new PS3 Star Ocean: Last Hope trailer

    Square’s released a brand new trailed of the international version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope that’s coming to PS3 in a couple of weeks.

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope International has spaceships, trailer proves it

    There’s a new movie of Star Ocean: The Last Hope International on YouTube. It’s pretty. The game’s out on February 4 in Japan, February 9 in the US and February 12 in EU. Thanks, PS3A. Can we stop now?

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope International screens surface

    Square Enix has released screens for Star Ocean: The Last Hope International, which is different than the other version, in that it contains six language options and optional Japanese voice acting. There’s also anime portraits, and you can choose between those and the CG faces. It will arrive in North America on February 9. Check […]

  • New shots and footage of Star Ocean PS3 are GO! has up new screens and footage of Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the PS3. Screens here, footage here. It’s out on February 9 in Europe.

  • Square releases new shots of Star Ocean: Last Hope for PS3 has live new shots of the international version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope that is coming to the PS3 next year. They look good. As does the one above, for possibly perverted reasons. Excuse us. The game is out on February 12 in Europe.

  • Star Ocean PS3 hits Europe February 12

    Square just confirmed the PAL version of Star Ocean The Last Hope: International for a February 12 release. The new version of Tri-ace’s RPG will feature a choice of English or Japanese voiceovers and localised subtitles in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. PR after the break.

  • Star Ocean 4 PS3 - first screens

    Game Watch has posted up the first shots of Star Ocean: The Last Hope’s International version. The PS3 outing will release early next year. We’re still waiting on details for a European release. Hit this for a ton of detail on the new SKU.

  • Square Enix officially announces Star Ocean on PS3, passes along hilarious fact sheet

    Square Enix has finally dropped the official announcement that Star Ocean: The Last Hope is PS3-bound. Releasing worldwide on February 9, 2010, the game’s an “international” affair. It gives the PS3’s Blu-Ray drive plenty to chew on with English and Japanese voices and English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese options for everything aside from […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS3 ad snapped [Update]

    Examiner’s got a shot of a Famnitsu ad showing what appears to be a PS3 version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It’s got an “International” tag at the end of the title. Hit the link and see for yourself. This is shocking. Except it’s about as shocking as the fact you woke up this […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope CE detailed, photographed

    Square just detailed the PAL collector’s edition of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, releasing next Friday. Here’s what you get, according to the press release after the break: Limited edition STAR OCEAN: The Last Hope Box: Unique ‘digistack’ packaging with dual gatefold, inside a special collector’s sleeve. STAR OCEAN Soundtrack Compilation CD: The STAR OCEAN […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets PAL release date

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope will release in PAL territories on June 5, Square said today. The RPG’s a 360-only thing at the moment. Just don’t lose heart, PS3 people. Press release after the break.

  • Star Ocean producer originally wanted to make erotic games

    Square’s Star Ocean producer Yoshinori Yamagishi was keen on making erotic games at one time. Yamagishi explained to Videogamer: “This is actually a quotation from a conversation I had when I was still talking with Enix before the company merged with top management people,” he said. “I said yes, maybe one day I would like […]

  • Square: Game storytelling can surpass film

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope producer Yoshinori Yamagishi has told CVG that games as storytelling media are still far from their full potential. “As opposed to films, books and TV, as a medium it is more of a challenge to produce a game in order to tell a story,” he said. “In TV, film and […]

  • Square UK: Star Ocean "has not been delayed"

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope’s now-confirmed June PAL date does not mean the game’s been delayed, Square said this morning, despite a CVG story yesterday to the contrary. “The game has not been delayed,” a rep told VG247. “We announced Star Ocean: The Last Hope would be released during spring in January of this year. […]

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope delayed until June in UK

    CVG has learned from Square Enix that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be delayed until June in the UK. Game was expected early this spring, and the US and Japan already have it. No reason was given for the delay, but we’ve contacted Square Enix to see if we can get to the bottom […]

  • Star Ocean 4 does proper sales on Japanese debut [Update]

    According to Famitsu, Star Ocean 4 sold 166,027 units in its first four days on sale in Japan. This apparently makes it the third fastest selling Japanese 360 game of all time, next to: Blue Dragon – 203,740 copies Tales of Vesperia – 170, 024 copies Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope – 166,027 copies […]

  • See Star Ocean 4 being played on the internet

    Don’t know how long this will last, but if you want to sit around watching someone play Square Enix’s Star Ocean: The Last Hope then you can here. Picture quality isn’t great, and it’s of course all in Japanese, but there’s more than enough there to give you an idea of how the RPG will […]

  • Square alters Star Ocean design for western release

    In an apparent effort to cater to western tastes, Square Enix has produced two HUD designs for Star Ocean: The Last Hope, one for Japan and one for the US and Europe. As you can see on Siliconera, the western release features CG models for characters in the fight scenes, whereas the Japanese version’s gone […]

  • New knockout Star Ocean IV shots and trailer

    Square Enix has updated the official Star Ocean: The Last Hope Japanese site to reveal some rather tasty screenshots and a brand new five minute movie. Don’t even bother saying you’ve got something better to do than to check them out. Images are over at Gamersyde, and the trailer’s through here. Now go.

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