The VG247 Gear List: gaming hardware picks used by the VG247 team

At VG247 we spend a shed load of time playing games. Here’s our picks for the best gear for doing so.

3 months ago

Staff headlines

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    EA has lad-off an undisclosed number of number staff members at its customer service center in Galway, reports Ireland’s The Journal. When asked for a statement on the matter, the firm provided the trade outlet with the same response given to the lay-offs which occurred earlier in the week in Montreal. In September of last […]

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    Ubisoft has just announced in a post-results conference call that is expects to hire an extra 900 staff in the next 12 months. “Five hundred will go to the new studios,” said CEO Yves Guillemot, talking of expansion into India, Singapore and China. The other 400 will be added to existing studios. The publisher currently […]

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