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  • SSX tracklist confirmed, features DJ Shadow and Skrillex

    EA’s confirmed the full line-up of music for SSX, including tracks from DJ Shadow and Skrillex. There’s a load of other people I’ve never heard of there, but that doesn’t mean they’re not rinsin’, or whatever the fuck people say these days. Get the lot below. SSX, EA Canada’s snowy reimagining, releases for PS3 and […]

  • SSX trailer highlights Elise's Uber Signature

    EA Sports’ regular weekly SSX character profile this time re-introduces fan favourite Elise Riggs and her La La La Lockstep.

  • SSX online trailer goes nuts on global events, GeoTags

    EA’s released the second part of its SSX online series, this time focussing on the game’s online global events and user-generated collectables known as GeoTags. Global events skip the typical lobby in multiplayer games, instead throwing you into ongoing events in and around the SSX universe. GeoTags, meanwhile, are where UGC tags can be dropped […]

  • SSX Online Pass not required for multiplayer

    EA Sports has taken an unusual stance with its Online Pass for SSX, letting you participate in multiplayer events – but not receive rewards for doing so.

  • SSX's Kaori performs amazing Pirouette Air Grind

    The latest in SSX’s series of character profile videos re-introduces Kaori Nishidake, and her signature uber trick the Pirouette Air Grind.

  • SSX X Games TV ad goes on global showcase

    EA Sports has unleashed the TV ad for SSX ahead of the snowboarding racer’s rebirth in a few weeks time. The ad first aired as part of the latest X Games. Get the video after the break. It’s out on February 28 in the US and March 2 in the UK for PS3 and 360.

  • EA Sports: SSX will bring extreme sports "back to the forefront of gaming" - new video inside

    SSX creative director Todd Batty has said the release of SSX will see the return of the extreme sports genre, speaking in a blog post on the US PS Blog.

  • Eddie shows off The Worm in SSX

    Pre-order SSX to gain access to Eddie Wachowski, the only character capable of performing The Worm, seen in the trailer through the break.

  • New SSX bigger than all past games combined

    Line up every track from every SSX release so far, and you’d still not approach the breadth of content in the new game.

  • New SSX video details online connectivity

    EA’s released the first of a two-part SSX video, presented by producer Todd Batty, showing off Explore and RiderNet. It’s SSX’s version of Autolog in Need for Speed, pretty much. Get the video below the break. SSX launches on February 28 in the US and March 2 in the UK. Thanks, AGB.

  • SSX trailer goes uber serious with Zoe

    EA’s released a new SSX short video, showing off the tricks, stylings and ubers of Zoe Payne. Not much else to say other than that if you’re an SSX fan, you’re probably watching it already. The EA Sports reboot launches on February 28 in the US and March 2 in the UK for PS3 and […]

  • SSX trailer shows gameplay modes, announces GeoTags

    EA Sports has released a new gameplay trailer showing off the gameplay modes available in SSX, along with the reveal of GeoTags. The extreme-sports title is out on February 28 for 360 and PS3.

  • SSX trailer enlists pro rider Travis Rice

    Although SSX isn’t shy about its extreme, over-the-top take on snowboarding, professional snowboarder Travis Rice talks up the very real risks of his sport in this new trailer.

  • EA's sally against owner rebutted

    The US National Arbitration Forum has ruled against EA in a dispute over the domain. Domain Name Wire reports the domain was acquired by Abstract Holdings in October, and briefly hosted game advertisements, which EA argued demonstrated bad faith. EA Sports is set to reboot the previously-dormant snowboarding franchise, with the plainly titled SSX […]

  • New SSX trailer goes tricky

    EA’s released a new SSX trailer ahead of the series’s return next month, showing more gameplay from the EA Canada effort. Get the video below the break. It’s out on PS3 and 360 on February 28 in the US and March 2 in the UK.

  • SSX gets pushed to March, first gameplay trailer goes (mostly) old school

    EA’s announced this evening it’s delaying the release of SSX, as well as releasing the first proper gameplay trailer from the snowboarding epic.

  • SSX allows users to remix own music collection in real time

    The eclectic range of music in SSX, along with users own collections, will be remixed in response to in-game actions.

  • New SSX trailer gets Tricky

    EA’s released a new SSX trailer, showing off a dubstep version of the series’ anthem cry, Run DMC’s It’s Tricky. Game still looks awesome, but we question the song choice. Go with the SSX Tricky version at least. Get the video below the break. SSX launches on February 14 for PS3 and 360.

  • SSX dev diary hits Patagonia, Antarctica and New Zealand

    The second of EA Sports’ “Massive World” producer videos maps the route you’ll take through three more of the game’s regions and takes in the topography designed for your board.

  • SSX: gameplay features and possible Vita version discussed

    Speaking to CVG at EA’s recent games showcase in London, SSX creative director Todd Batty talked of the characters and inspiration being used for the return of the series and said a Vita version would be considered if the console version is successful. Check out the full interview below. SSX is set for release on […]

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