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  • SSFIV to get patched with free DLC June 15

    Capcom’s set to release a balance fix for Super Street Fighter IV.

  • Capcom ships one million SSFIV copies

    Capcom has announced that the initial shipment of Super Street Fighter IV comes to a grand total of one million units worldwide.

  • SSFIV alternate costume packs get dated

    The release schedule for the alternate costume packs coming to Super Street Fighter IV has been revealed, and while there is really no rhyme or reason to the timing of each, at least it’s something.

  • Check out the alt costumes for SSFIV

    The Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog has posted pictures of the different alternative costumes coming to Super Street Fighter IV.

  • Overdose yourself on a bunch of SSFIV videos

    Want a heaping helping dose of Super Street Fighter IV videos? Cool. How does 10 sound, then.

  • Video - Super Street Fighter IV Tournament DLC

    Capcom has released a video for Super Street Fighter IV’s Tournament Mode DLC. It’s after the break. Tournament Mode was announced during Captivate 2010, revealed today, and allows players to compete online with top players from around the world in four or eight-person brackets. If you win, you advance toward the title match. You can […]

  • DLC announced for SSFIV, Lost Planet 2, MotoGP 09/10

    Capcom has announced some DLC goodies that are heading to Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2, and MotoGP 09/10.

  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade release confirmed

    Capcom’s confirmed it’ll be releasing an Arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV.

  • SSFIV Screens - Bevy of shots showing Ibuki, Dudley, and Makoto

    Yesterday, Capcom released a video showing the recently announced characters of Ibuki, Dudley, and Makoto. We posted it you here. Today, loads of screens were released and we have ’em for you below the break.

  • SSFIV video shows Ibuki and her cute little raccoon

    Capcom’s put out a video for Super Street Fighter IV, showing off  Ibuki, Dudley, and Makoto from yesterday’s Famitsu reveal. It’s posted below the break, courtesy of Gamespot. Game’s out April 27 and 30 in the US and UK, respectively, on PS3 and 360.

  • SSFIV and Capcom want to wish you a happy V-Day

    The lovely ladies of Super Street Fighter IV and Capcom would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, a video featuring Cammy, Chun-Li and Juri in action has been released. We have it for you below the break. You can also send special SSFIV-related e-valentines to that “special someone” through Capcom Unity. […]

  • SSIV: Capcom announces costumes, details on Collector's Edition

    Capcom has detailed the Super Street Fighter IV Collector’s Edition, which will be released in April.

  • SSFIV walk-through videos feature Cody, Adon, and Guy

    Below the break is a GameTrailers video, (thanks, Joystiq) that shows off some of the new strategies jailbreak Cody can pull-off in game. If you head on through the link, there are a couple more walk-through videos for Guy and Adon. Looks super. Game’s out for Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime this year.

  • SSFIV scans and video show new combos, outfits

    Famitsu scans on PS3attitude have revealed new Ultra Combos for Super Street Fighter IV.

  • Super Street Fighter IV screens show stages

    Some screens for Super Street Fighter IV popped up on Capcom’s Japanese development blog, showing stages in the game. Cool thing is, rumor has it Street Fighter III’s Elena in it. Bet that makes you happy. Other than the side-boob shot above, at any rate. There’s more pictures over on Evil Avatar.

  • Seth to be "even cheaper" in SSFIV

    Capcom community manager Seth Killian’s told Kotaku that Super Street Fighter IV’s end boss will be annoying enough to make you stamp your joypad to death. He didn’t actually say that, but what the hey. He did say this: “Seth will be even cheaper and more irritating” than he was in SFIV. Heartening. Why? “This […]

  • GameStop lists SSFIV for release on March 23

    GameStop has Super Street Fighter IV down for a March 23 release. Last month, Capcom issued a press release stating that it was to be released in Spring 2010 – so take the retailer listing as just that, a listing until official word from Capcom comes down from on high. Meanwhile, GS also has the […]

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