Square Enix Q3 Financials 2009

Square financials delayed due to accounting gaffe

Square’s confirmed it delayed its Q3 financials last week because of an accounting mishap. “Square Enix Holdings changed the company’s 3rd quarter fiscal year 2009 results announcement from February 6th to February 12th due to a delay in its accounting closing procedure,” the company told Kotaku. The blunder caused Square’s shares to plummet to a […]

11 years ago

Square Enix Q3 Financials 2009 headlines

  • Square Enix shares hit five-year low

    Bloomberg’s reporting that Square Enix shares have hit a five-year low thanks to a missed earnings release. Shares in the company fell 11 percent to 1,936 yen today, the biggest drop since June 2003. Square said yesterday it will delay reporting its third-quarter results to February 12 from February 6.

    11 years ago

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