Square Enix Europe

Square and Eidos now known as Square Enix Europe

Square Enix and Eidos announced today that the reorganization of the two companies’ operations has been completed and will henceforth be known as Square Enix Europe. “Today marks a major achievement towards the goals we announced in July and represents the creation of an efficient and powerful structure for game development and publishing,” said Phil […]

10 years ago

Square Enix Europe headlines

  • Eidos name dropped from publishing, Square pulls rank in Europe and US

    It was bound to happen sometime. Eidos owner Square Enix has decided to form a new European entity in Square Enix Europe, to be headed up by current Eidos CEO Phil Rogers – a move which will result in the Eidos publishing brand being “vapourised”. The amalgamation will result in job losses although precise numbers […]

    10 years ago