Friday Shorts II: Gears 3 gold, iPad 3, W8, more post-it wars, Spyro shots

It’s time for a second round of shorts to get the weekend started. Some of you have already started the weekend. Just don’t pass out, or you could get pranked.

Spyro headlines

  • Thursday Shorts II: Spyro, MotorStorm, Iran 1979, WoW, Total Recall, Witcher 2

    Time for some more shorts to get you ready for Friday. Just think: when you wake up tomorrow, your work week will be almost over. Isn’t that grand?

  • Spyro and Crash are "ripe for innovation"

    According to this GoNintendo piece, Acitvision said in its Q1 earnings call last night that Spyro and Crash are “ripe for innovation.” The comments come in the wake of an announcement earlier this week that Crash and Spyro would be two of the few Vivendi franchises to make the transition to the newly formed Activision […]

  • Sierra's Crash, Ice Age, Spyro, Prototype survive ActiBlizz merger: Ghostbuster, Brutal Legend, WiC assumed whacked

    Activision announced this morning that only five Vivendi IPs will make the transition into the newly formed Activision Blizzard, namely Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age, Spyro, Prototype and an as-yet unannounced property. The publisher also confirmed is will “support” the existing VUG catalogue. No mention was made in the release of Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend or World […]

  • Spyro animated movie on the slate

    According to this Variety piece, an animated movie of Spyro the Dragon’s in the works. Blimey. Velvet Octopus has a five-pic deal with producer Ash Shah, which includes two more 3-D projects, both CGI animated — “Outback,” the story of a white koala bear, and “The Legend of Spyro,” a spin-off from the best-selling video […]