Splinter Cell: Convictin

Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC will use Ubisoft’s new DRM

Looks like the PC version of Splinter Cell: Conviction will use Ubisoft’s DRM system like Assassin’s Creed II, The Settler’s 7 other new titles soon to be released. Might has well figure all Ubisoft PC titles will have it from here on out too, according to a rep from the company.

10 years ago

Splinter Cell: Convictin headlines

  • Deniable Ops co-op mode detailed for Splinter Cell: Conviction

    Splinter Cell: Conviction’s co-op offerings will add an extra 5-6 hours of backstory, giving two players an opportunity to explore together, says Gamespot. There two modes are called Prologue and Deniable Ops.

    10 years ago
  • Night vision goggles are back in Splinter Cell: Conviction

    According to Ubisoft creative director Max Beland, who was demoing Splinter Cell: Conviction at PAX, Sam Fisher’s night vision goggles are back. A video shown on site revealed the goggles in use, allowing Sam to see through walls in black and white, with enemies glowing brightly. That’s about it really. Nothing further to report on […]

    10 years ago